Lincoln Electric


Outershield 71M
Diameter (in).045
Diameter (mm)1.1
Package25 lb Plastic Spool
Product NumberED022659

Mild Steel, All Position

Outershield® 71M is an overall performer. From excellent feedability to good arc performance, welders enjoy using 71M. Outershield® 71M is extremely stiff because of the unique manufacturing process that we use to make this product. No side cutters are required to restart, just break the wire off in your hands - it's that easy.

Advantage Lincoln
  • Dual classified for both 100% CO2 and 75% Argon / 25% CO2 mixed gas
  • Charpy V-Notch impact toughness tested to -40°C
  • High travel speeds
  • Spray like transfer with minimal spatter
  • Rod based manufacturing for industry leading wire stiffness and feedability
  • Increased rigidity allows for easy manual break-off

    Welding Positions All, except vertical down

Typical Application
  • Bridge, ship and barge
  • General fabrication
  • Machinery fabrication
  • Structural fabrication
  • Offshore applications

  • AWS A5.20/A5.20M: 2005 and ASME SFA-A5.20: E71T-1C-J, E71T-9C-J, E71T-1M-J, E71T-9M-J
  • ABS: 3YSA H15
  • Lloyd's Register: 3YS H15
  • DNV Grade: III YMS H10
  • BV Grade: SA3YH (CO2 only)
  • CWB/CSA W48-06: E491T-9, E491T-9M
  • MIL-E-24403/1: MIL-71T-1C, MIL-71T-1M

Shielding Gas
  • 100% CO2
  • 75% Argon / 25% CO2
  • Flow Rate: 40-50 CFH