Lincoln Electric
LF-74 Wire Feeder, Base Model
4-Roll Heavy Duty Industrial Feeder

Product Number:  K2426-4

Designed for MIG and cored wire welding in job shop and manufacturing environments, the rugged LF-72 and LF-74 wire feeders are built to deliver reliable performance day after day. The heart of these feeders is the highly engineered 2-roll or 4-roll MAXTRAC™ wire drive system, delivering strong and consistent feeding force for tough applications.

Select the 2-roll LF-72 for most .035-.045 wire applications. Select the 4-roll LF-74 for large diameter wires, longer gun cables or long boom conduit or hard automation applications.

Advantage Lincoln
  • Patented MAXTRAC® heavy-duty cast aluminum wire drive system provides reliable feeding and durability.
  • Brass-to-brass gun connections for better electrical conductivity that results in better arc performance.
  • Totally tool-less drive rolls and wire guide installation. Two or four gear-driven wire drive rolls slide on and off easily!
  • Calibrated wire feed speed dial for precise and accurate settings.
  • Rugged, industrial-grade wire feeder motor.
  • In addition to great mild steel performance, these feeders deliver positive arc starting and feeding with stainless steel, aluminum and flux-cored wires!
  • Control cable connector with a Spin-Nut™ makes connecting the control cable a simple twist-of-the-wrist.
  • Totally enclosed wire drive.
  • Manufactured under a quality system certified ISO 9001 requirements and ISO 14001 environmental standards.
  • Three-year warranty on parts and labor.

Physical specifications
Weight:46 lbs. (21 kgs. )
Dimensions (in) H x W x D : 11.1 x 10.2 x 12.9
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D : 282 x 259 x 328




MIG   Plused   Flux-Cored

Unit Includes
  • Control Cable (K1797-10)
  • .035/.045 " Solid Wire Drive Rolls and Guide

Required Options
K1840-10Weld Power Cable - TM to Lug - 10 ft (3 m)
K1842-10Weld Power Cable - Lug to Lug - 10 ft (3 m)
K1842-35Weld Power Cable - Lug to Lug - 35 ft (10.6 m)
K1842-60Weld Power Cable - Lug to Lug - 60 ft (18.3 m)
K1842-110Weld Power Cable - Lug to Lug - 110 ft (3 m)

Recommended General Options
X2426Extended Warranty - LF-74
K2330-1Postflow and Burnback Timer Kit
K2329-1Remote Voltage Control Kit
K1546-1Incoming Bushing for Lincoln Conduit
K1546-2Incoming Bushing for Lincoln Conduit
K162-1Spindle Adapter For Readi-Reels® and Spools
K586-1Deluxe Adjustable Gas Regulator and Hose Kit
K2335-1Adapter for Competitive Power Sources
K1798Terminal Strip Adapter Cable
K1520-1Transformer Kit 42 Volt
K2328-1Standard Duty Wire Reel Stand
K1524-3Universal Wire Reel Stand
KP1505-030SDrive Roll Kit .023-.030 in (0.6-0.8 mm) Solid Wire
KP1505-035SDrive Roll Kit .035 in (0.9 mm) Solid Wire
KP1505-040SDrive Roll Kit .040 in (1.0 mm) Solid Wire
KP1505-045SDrive Roll Kit .040-.045 in (1.0-1.1 mm) Solid Wire
KP1505-052SDrive Roll Kit .052 in (1.3 mm) Solid Wire
KP1505-1/16SDrive Roll Kit 1/16 in (1.6 mm) Solid Wire
KP1505-035CDrive Roll Kit .030-.035 in (0.8-0.9 mm) Cored Wire
KP1505-045CDrive Roll Kit .040-.045 in (1.0-1.1 mm) Cored Wire
KP1505-052CDrive Roll Kit .052 in (1.3 mm) Cored Wire
KP1505-1/16CDrive Roll Kit 1/16 in (1.6 mm) Cored Wire
KP1505-068Drive Roll Kit .068-.072 in (1.7-1.8 mm) Cored or Solid Wire
KP1505-5/64Drive Roll Kit 5/64 in (2.0 mm) Cored or Solid Wire
KP1505-3/32Drive Roll Kit 3/32 in (2.4 mm) Cored or Solid Wire
KP1505-7/64Drive Roll Kit 7/64 in (2.8 mm) Cored Wire
KP1505-7/64HDrive Roll Kit 7/64 in (2.8 mm) Hardfacing Wire
KP1507-035ADrive Roll Kit .035 in (0.9 mm) Aluminum Wire
KP1507-040ADrive Roll Kit .040 in (1.0 mm) Aluminum Wire
KP1507-3/64ADrive Roll Kit 3/64 in (1.2 mm) Aluminum Wire
KP1507-1/16ADrive Roll Kit 1/16 in (1.6 mm) Aluminum Wire

Recommended Power Source Options
K2400-1Idealarc® CV-305 208/230/460/3/60
K2400-2Idealarc® CV-305 230/460/575/3/60
K1346-13Idealarc® CV-400 230/460/3/60
K1346-22Idealarc® CV-400 230/460/575/3/60
K1480-1Idealarc® CV-655 230/460/3/60
K1480-5Idealarc® CV-655 575/3/60
K1728-6Invertec® V350-PRO Factory Model
K1728-7Invertec® V350-PRO Advanced Process Model
K1308-12Idealarc® DC-400 with Multi-Process Switch 230/460/3/60
K1288-17Idealarc® DC-600 230/460/3/60
K1288-22Idealarc® DC-600 230/460/575/3/60
K1288-18Idealarc® DC-600 with Multi-Process Switch 230/460/3/60
K1525-1Invertec® STT II 208/230/460/3/60

Wire Feeder Specifications
InputWire Speed Range ipm (m/min)Solid Wire Size Range in (mm)Cored Wire Size Range in (mm)
50/60 Hz
100-800 (2.5-20.3).023-1/16 (0.6-1.6).030-5/64 (0.8-2.0)

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