Lincoln Electric
LN-25 w/Contactor and Gas Solenoid
Portable, Construction Wire Feeder

Product Number:  K449

The LN-25 semiautomatic wire feeder is ideal for field or construction use. Since it is powered across the arc, no control cables are needed! Simply connect the weld cable, attach the arc sensing clip, and you're ready to go. This portable MIG and flux-cored wire feeder comes in a fully enclosed case to protect against damage on the job site. The LN-25 features a tool-less quick release mechanism for easy wire changing, and it accepts 10-44 lbs. (4.5-19.9 kg) wire packages for plenty of welding versatility.

Advantage Lincoln
  • For MIG and flux-cored arc welding processes using up to 44 lb. (19.9 kg) spools.
  • Designed for .023-1/16" (0.6-1.6mm) solid, .035-5/64" (0.9-2.0mm) cored and .035-1/16" (0.9-1.6mm) aluminum wire sizes.
  • Selectable dial for setting low range, 50-350 ipm (1.3-8.9m/min) wire feed speed or high range, 50-700 ipm (1.3-17.8m/min) wire feed speed.
  • Includes DC voltmeter, voltmeter polarity switch and 15 ft. (4.6m) arc sensing lead and clip and 20" (508mm) weld power cable.
  • For use with Magnum® flux-cored and MIG guns.
  • Automatic overvoltage and motor overload shutdown protection.
  • Double-latched case features an insulated gun holder and easy access to wire.
  • Entire unit is compact and portable and will pass through a 16" (400mm) diameter manway.
  • Manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 requirements.
  • Three-year warranty on parts and labor.

Physical specifications
Weight:35 lbs. (15.4 kgs. )
Dimensions (in) H x W x D : 14 x 7.4 x 21
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D : 356 x 188 x 533




MIG   Flux-Cored

Unit Includes
  • Internal Contactor and Gas Solenoid
  • Arc Sensing Lead and Clip - 15 ft (4.5m)
  • Weld Power Cable - 20 inches (508mm)

Required Options
KP653-025SDrive Roll Kit .023-.025 in (0.6 mm) Solid Wire
KP653-030SDrive Roll Kit .030 in (0.8 mm) Solid Wire
KP653-035SDrive Roll Kit .035 in (0.9 mm) Solid Wire
KP653-052SDrive Roll Kit .045-.052 in (1.1-1.3 mm) Solid Wire
KP653-035CDrive Roll Kit .035 in (0.9 mm) Cored Wire
KP653-052CDrive Roll Kit .045-.052 in (1.1-1.3 mm) Cored Wire
KP653-1/16Drive Roll Kit 1/16-.062 in (1.6 mm) Cored Wire
KP653-3/32Drive Roll Kit .068-3/32 in (1.7-2.4 mm) Cored Wire
K1841-25Weld Power Cable - TM to TM - 25 ft (7.6 m)
K1841-50Weld Power Cable - TM to TM - 50 ft (15.2 m)
K1842-10Weld Power Cable - Lug to Lug - 10 ft (3 m)
K1842-35Weld Power Cable - Lug to Lug - 35 ft (10.6 m)
K1842-60Weld Power Cable - Lug to Lug - 60 ft (18.3 m)
K1842-110Weld Power Cable - Lug to Lug - 110 ft (3 m)
K852-70Twist Mate™ Plug - For 1/0-2/0 (50-70mm2) Cable
K852-95Twist Mate™ Plug - For 2/0-3/0 (70-95mm2) Cable

Recommended General Options
X0449Extended Warranty - LN-25 (K449)
K484Jumper Plug Kit
K435Spindle Adapter for 14 lb. Coils
K468Spindle Adapter for Small Spools

Wire Feeder Specifications
InputWire Speed Range ipm (m/min)Solid Wire Size Range in (mm)Cored Wire Size Range in (mm)
Across-the-Arc50-700 (1.2-17.7).023-1/16 (0.6-1.6).035-5/64 (0.9-2.0)

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