Lincoln Electric
Invertec® V275-S
For Stick and DC TIG Welding

Product Number:  K2269-1

The Invertec® V275-S power source is ideal for the rigors of the construction site. IP23S rated and equipped with weather resistant features, this Stick and TIG power source is designed for outdoor use. Up to 275 amps of output gives you access to a greater number of stick electrodes, and outstanding 6010 performance.

The V275-S is available as a single unit or mounted in 4-pack or 8-pack racks for convenience on the construction site. Standard features such as selectable Hot Start and adjustable Arc Force provide a level of arc control you won't find anywhere else in this class of machine.

Advantage Lincoln
  • Truly outstanding E6010 and E7018 performance using up to 7/32" diameter electrodes that enables both whip and drag techniques for a variety of construction and fabrication applications.
  • Touch-Start TIG® design permits the DC TIG welding arc to be established without high frequency starting.
  • Air Carbon Arc cutting and gouging with up to 3/16" (4.8 mm) diameter carbon electrode.
  • Adjustable Arc Force and a two-position Hot Start switch provide a level of arc control you won’t find in comparable machines.
  • No de-rating on single phase as with competitive models – get the same performance using single or three phase input.
  • Aluminum chassis, protective boots on switches and potted and trayed PC boards for extreme environmental protection.
  • Manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 requirements and ISO 14001 environmental standards.
  • Three-year warranty on parts and labor. Two-year extended warranty available in U.S.

Physical specifications
Weight:54.5 lbs. (24.7 kgs. )
Dimensions (in) H x W x D : 13.6 x 9 x 20.25
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D : 345 x 229 x 514




Stick, TIG, Gouging

Recommended General Options
X2269Extended Warranty - Invertec V275-S
K852-70Twist Mate™ Plug - For 1/0-2/0 (50-70mm2) Cable
K852-95Twist Mate™ Plug - For 2/0-3/0 (70-95mm2) Cable
K1759-70Twist Mate™ Receptacle - For 1/0-2/0 (50-70 mm2) Cable
K1759-95Twist Mate™ Receptacle - For 2/0-3/0 (70-95 mm2) Cable

Recommended Stick Options
K2394-1Stick Electrode Holder and Cable Assembly (Twist Mate™)
K704Accessory Kit - 400 Amp
K875Accessory Kit - 150 Amp
K857Remote Output Control
K857-1Remote Output Control

Recommended TIG Options
K2265-1TIG-Mate™ 17V Air-Cooled TIG Torch Starter Pack
K960-1Twist Mate™ Torch Adapter
K870Foot Amptrol™
K963-3Hand Amptrol™

Welding Specifications
Rated CC DC Output Amps/Volts/Duty CycleOutput Range
275/31/35%5-275A DC

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