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Pipeliner® LH-D90

10 lb cans of Pipeliner LH-D stick electrode

AWS: E9045-P2 H4R

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Top Features

  • Basic covered low hydrogen electrode primarily designed for vertical down hot, fill and cap pass pipe welding
  • Recommended for pipe grades up to and including API 5L Grade X80
  • High deposition rates and excellent low temperature impact properties down to -46°C.
  • Unique “hot start” tip helps initiate the arc and quickly establisch puddle control
  • Slag design allows for easy control of weld puddle

Typical Applications

  • Fill and cap pass welding of up to X80 grade pipe
  • Pipe repair
  • Hot tapping

Welding Positions

Vertical down

Special Features

Consumable Details

Size (mm)
Product Number
4.54kg can
  • AWS A5.5 - E9045-P2 H4R
  • EN 757: E 55 4 ZB 45 H5