Plasma torches expendables
plasma torches expendables
Plasma torches wearing parts and spare parts.
cutting torches expendables 
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Product Number
Product Name
Cutting Spacer LC65/LC105 Torch
Clamshell (2x) LC40-LC65 extended shield-cap
Electrode LC65 Torch
Tip/Nozzle Dir Contact LC65 Torch
Tip/Nozzle 40A LC65 Torch
Tip/Nozzle 50A LC65 Torch
Tip/Nozzle 60A LC65 Torch
Tip/Nozzle 50A, Contact Cutting LC65 Torch
Tip/Nozzle 60A, Contact Cutting LC65 Torch
Tip/Nozzle Gouging LC65 Torch
Clamshell (5x) LC65 extended nozzle 40A
Retaining Cap LC65 Torch
Retaining Cap Contact/Gouging LC65 Torch
Shield Cap contact LC65 Torch
Shield Cap Gouging LC65 Torch
Gas Distributor LC65 Torch
Clamshell (5x) LC65 extended electrode
Clamshell (5x) LC65 extended nozzle 60A
Clamshell (5x) LC105 extended electrode
Clamshell (5x) LC105 extended nozzle 40A
Clamshell (5x) LC105 extended nozzle 60A
Electrode LC105 Torch
Tip/Nozzle 40A LC105 Torch
Tip/Nozzle 60A LC105 Torch
Tip/Nozzle 80A LC105 Torch
Tip/Nozzle 100A LC105 Torch
Tip/Nozzle Gouging LC105 Torch
Retaining Cap LC105 Torch
Shield Cap contact LC105 Torch
Shield Cap Stand off Cutting LC105 Torch
Shield Cap Gouging LC105 Torch
Gas Distributor LC105 Torch
Clamshell (5x) LC105 extended nozzle 80A
Clamshell (5x) LC105 extended nozzle 100A
Clamshell (2x) LC105 extended shield-cap
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