for your demanding TIG welding assignments

Invertec® TIG DC 230V

TIG welding with Invertec 170TPX and LTP torch
BUY One Invertec® 170TX
GET LNT TIG rods valued £100**

BUY One Invertec® 170TPX
GET LNT TIG rods valued £100**

BUY One Invertec® 220TPX
GET LNT TIG rods valued £150**


LNT wires


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3 year warranty Combining a rugged industrial construction with excellent arc characteristics
• Advanced inverter technology for superior TIG performance

• Full function user-friendly control panel layout with graph and a numeric display make it easy to set all welding parameters

• HF and Lift TIG ignition meeting all requirements

• Power Factor Correction

* includes a cable kit + TIG torch, 4m
** LNT 25/LNT 26 mild steel or LNT 304L/LNT 316L stainless steel TIG rods