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SAE-300® HE Engine Driven Welder (Perkins®) Ready-Pak®


Top Features

  • Fuel Efficient Industrial Diesel Engines
  • Dual Continuous Control™ of Output
  • Pure DC Generator Welding Output
  • All Copper Windings
  • 300 Amps Output @ 60% Duty Cycle


Stick, TIG, MIG (CV wire welding with wire feed module), Flux-Cored (CV wire welding with wire feed module), Gouging

MSRP: $19,596.00

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Superior Choice for Pipeline Work!™

The SAE-300® HE (High Efficiency) combines a rugged design with traditional pure DC generator technology for excellent welding performance in pipe, construction and maintenance applications. Save fuel too!

  • Fuel Efficient Industrial Diesel Engines
    • 3-cylinder, water-cooled, 1800 RPM engines.
    • Big fuel savings compared to previous engines!
      • Perkins®: 13% at 300A, 20% at low idle vs. SAE-300®
      • Kubota®: 15% at 300A, 30% at low idle vs. Classic® 300 D.
    • Fuel gauge on control panel.
  • Dual Continuous Control™ of Output
    • Two continuous dials on the control panel allow for a precise setting of both voltage and current for critical pipe welding applications.
    • Adjust the arc for a snappy “digging” arc for root and hot passes on pipe with cellulosic electrode, or for a soft “buttery” arc for pipe welding with low hydrogen electrode.
  • Pure DC Generator Welding Output
    • Pipeline operators will enjoy welding with the arc produced from the rotating armature/field coil system manufactured for many years by Lincoln Electric.
  • All Copper Windings
    • Arc stability, dependability and long-life are enhanced with all-copper windings.
  • 300 Amps Output @ 60% Duty Cycle
    • Welds up to 7/32 in. (5.6 mm) Fleetweld® 5P, Fleetweld® 5P+, Pipeliner® and Excalibur® electrode.
Rated Output
  • 250A/30V100%
  • 300A/32V/60%
Output Range
  • 50-390A DC
Generator Output
  • 3000 watts
Type of Engine
  • Perkins 403F-15T Diesel EPA Tier 4
HP and speed
  • 24.7@1800
  • 3
Dimensions (H x W x D) 37.1 in x 24.3 in x 62.8 in (943 mm x 616 mm x 1594 mm)
Net Weight 1898.00 (860.93 kg)

Order a Lincoln Electric Ready-Pak® and get everything you need to complete a welding package — all with one order number. (Packages are fully assembled.)

  • SAE-300® HE (without Wire Feed Module)
  • Medium Welder Trailer (K2636-1)
  • Duo-Hitch® 2 in. (51 mm) Ball/Lunette Eye Hitch (included)
  • Fender and Light Kit (K2639-1)
  • Cable Rack (K2640-1)
  • Cable Connectors - two (K2487-1)
  • Electrode Cable 2/0, two 50 ft. (15.3 m) lengths (K2485-2)
  • Electrode Cable 2/0, 10 ft. (3 m) (K2483-2)
  • Work Cable 2/0, 50 ft. (15.3 m) (K2484-2)
  • 300A Electrode Holder (K909-7)
  • 300A Work Clamp (K910-1)
Product Number
Product Name
Power Plug Kit
Spark Arrester Kit
Medium Two-Wheel Road Trailer with Duo-Hitch®
Fender and Light Kit
Cable Rack
Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Kit
Accessory Kit - 400 Amp
Remote Control Kit
PTA-26V TIG Torch (25 ft 2pc)
Parts Kit for PTA-26 and PTW-18 TIG Torches
TIG Module
Control Cable for TIG Module
TIG Module Control Cable Extension
Arc Start Switch
Contactor Kit
Product Number
Product Name
Wire Feed Module
Remote Control Kit - 100 ft (30.5 m)
LN-25 Pipe Wire Feeder
K126® PRO Innershield® 350A FCAW-SS Welding Gun 15 ft 1/16-5/64
Drive Roll Kit .068 - .072 in (1.8 mm) Cored Wire
Magnum® PRO 350 Welding Gun Ready-Pak 15 ft
Drive Roll Kit Combination .035 in / .045 in Solid Wire
Magnum® SG Spool Gun, Air-Cooled, 25 ft.
Magnum® SG Control Module
Control Module Input Cable v 14-pin MS-type and Lug