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Viking 1840 Tribal Welding Helmet


Top Features

  • Auto Darkening Welding hood with 90x110 mm cartridge and 3.78 in. x 1.85 in. viewing area
  • Infinite control of Shade, Sensitivity and delay
  • 2 Arc Sensors
  • Magnifying Cheater lens capable
  • Hard Hat Adapter Capable

Industrial Price: $164.00

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Welding Gear Details

Rugged. Light Weight. Feature-packed.

VIKING™ solar-powered auto-darkening helmets are loaded with features, built to demanding specs and packaged with a host of accessories.

  • Continuously variable control – For shade and sensitivity.
    • 9-13 Shade Control - External
    • Sensitivity – Adjustable for different welding environments.
    • Delay – Adjustable from dark back to light state.
  • Light weight - 19 oz. (539 g)
  • Grind mode – Great for weld prep or post-weld clean up activities.
  • Magnifying ‘cheater’ lens capable
  • Hard hat adapter capable
  • Extra Cover Lenses Enclosed - (2) inside and (5) outside.

Replacement Lens Standard or DINs DINs
Black or Graphic Graphic
Cartridge Size 4.33in. x 3.54in. (110mm x 90mm)
View Window Size 3.78in x 1.85in (96mm x 47mm)
Number of Sensors 2
Shade Control External
Variable Welding Shades DIN 9 to 13 with Grind
Sensitivity Control Variable Shade, Delay, and Light Sensitivity
Powered Battery powered with solar assist
Light to Dark Switching Time 0.00004 sec. (1/25000 sec.)
Delay Control (Dark to Light) 0.1 sec. min. - 1.0 sec. max
TIG Rating 5 amps
Compliance ANSI Z87.1-2003/CSA Z94.3
Operating Temperature 14 - 131 deg. F (-10-55 deg. C)
Storage Temperature -4 - 158 deg. F (-20-70 deg. C)
Weight 19 oz. (539 g)
Sport-Pak helmet bag includes Tribal™ bandana.
Product Number
Product Name
VIKING™ 700G/1840 Series ADF Cartridge Kit
VIKING™ 700G/1840 Series Inside Clear Cover Lens Pack
VIKING™ 1840 Series Outside Clear Cover Lens Pack
Cheater Lens 1.00 MAG
Cheater Lens 1.25 MAG
Cheater Lens 1.50 MAG
Cheater Lens 1.75 MAG
Cheater Lens 2.00 MAG
Cheater Lens 2.25 MAG
Cheater Lens 2.50 MAG
VIKING™ All Purpose Sweatband Pack
VIKING™ 1840/2450/3350 Series Hard Hat Adapter