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Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet


Top Features

  • Auto Darkening Welding hood with 4x5 in. cartridge and 3.82 x 3.34 in viewing area
  • Infinite control of Shade, Sensitivity and delay
  • 4 Arc Sensors
  • Magnifying Cheater lens capable
  • Hard Hat Adapter Capable

Industrial Price: $229.00

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Welding Gear Details

Rugged. Light Weight. Feature-packed.

VIKING™ solar-powered auto-darkening helmets are loaded with features, built to demanding specs and packaged with a host of accessories.

  • Continuously variable control – For shade and sensitivity.
    • 6-13 shade control.
    • Internal
    • Sensitivity – Adjustable for different welding environments.
    • Delay – Adjustable from dark back to light state.
  • Light weight – 20 oz (567 g)
  • Grind mode – Great for weld prep or post-weld clean up activities.
  • Magnifying ‘cheater’ lens capable
  • Hard hat adapter capable
  • Bonus accessories
    • Extra Cover Lenses Enclosed (2) inside and (5) outside.
    • Bandana.
    • Helmet Sport-Pak bag.

Replacement Lens Standard or DINs Standard 4 x 5
Black or Graphic Black
Cartridge Size 4.5in. x 5.25in (114mm x 133mm)
View Window Size 3.74in x 3.34in (95mm x 85mm)
Number of Sensors 4
Shade Control Internal
Variable Welding Shades DIN 6 to 13 with Grind
Sensitivity Control Variable Shade, Delay, and Light Sensitivity
Powered Replaceable lithium battery
Light to Dark Switching Time 0.00004 sec. (1/25000 sec.)
Delay Control (Dark to Light) 0.1 sec. min. - 1.0 sec. max
TIG Rating 4 amps
Compliance ANSI Z87.1-2003/CSA Z94.3
Operating Temperature 14 - 131 deg. F (-10-55 deg. C)
Storage Temperature -4 - 158 deg. F (-20-70 deg. C)
Weight 20 oz. (567 g)
Sport-Pak helmet bag includes Foose® bandana. Decal sheet included. Design your own helmet!
Product Number
Product Name
VIKING™ 3350 Series ADF Cartridge Kit
VIKING™ 750S/2450/3350 Series Outside Clear Cover Lens 5/pack
VIKING™ 3350 Series Inside Clear Cover Lens 5/pack
Cheater Lens 1.00 MAG
Cheater Lens 1.25 MAG
Cheater Lens 1.50 MAG
Cheater Lens 1.75 MAG
Cheater Lens 2.00 MAG
Cheater Lens 2.25 MAG
Cheater Lens 2.50 MAG
VIKING™ All Purpose Sweatband Pack
VIKING™ 1840/2450/3350 Series Hard Hat Adapter