Distributor Honors Course

Distributor Honors Course


Distributor Honors Course

Course Overview

The four week Honors Course is designed to teach distributor sales personnel how to weld and apply welding cost reduction practices. The course includes more than 100 hours of welding time. The majority of the classroom time is focused on learning how to accurately cost out a weld as well as how to increase productivity when performing a weld.


The intended audience is distributor sales personnel targeted as key resources for the future of your organization. Attendees will receive an in-depth exposure to welding techniques, processes and technologies, as well as cost reduction audit and selling practices.


20 days - 1 week each month for 4 months

Topics Covered

  • Stick, MIG, TIG and Flux-cored welding process proficiency
  • 5-6 hours of welding each day in a personal weld booth
  • Using weld skills for value-added selling
  • Cost reduction selling and audit practices

What's Included
  • Coffee, snacks and lunch daily
  • Training material hand-outs
  • All welding consumables and base material
  • Certificate of completion


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Course Fee:
$3195 (lunch provided)

Training in Atlanta, GA for three weeks
Training in Cleveland, OH for fourth week

Group 1 (20 days, 4 weeks)

Week 1: May 15-19
Week 2: June 5-9
Week 3: July 10-14
Week 4: August 7-11

Group 2 (20 days, 4 weeks)
Week 1: August  28 - September 1
Week 2: September 25-29 
Week 3: November 13-17
Week 4: December 4-8