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Power Wave® S350 Aluminum Air Cooled Gun 25 ft Advanced Process One-Pak® with Advanced Process Module


Top Features

  • Multiple processes for Aluminum, including AC MIG, AC TIG, and robotic applications.
  • Aluminum welding for trailer manufacturing, shipbuilding or general fabrication.
  • Advanced processes such as Pulse-on-Pulse and Power Mode.
  • Customize the aluminum welding experience for your application.
  • Power Wave software allows you to remotely gather productivity metrics, verify weld quality and supply reports to your customers.

Input Power

  • 208/230/380/415/460/575/1/3/50/60


Stick, DC TIG, Pulsed DC TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux-Cored

MSRP: $15,219.56

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Aluminum can be a challenging material for manufacturing, but not every manufacturer faces the same challenges. Lincoln Electric offers feature-packed solutions tailored to a user’s specific needs, and include the essential attributes you should expect for success in welding aluminum.



The Complete Solution

When your operation requires a machine that can handle the most challenging of aluminum applications, the Power Wave® S350 with Advanced Module package is the answer. This system is capable of multiple processes for Aluminum, including AC MIG and AC TIG. If large gaps or burnthrough are typical challenges you face, you’ll immediately realize the value of AC MIG. The Power Wave S350 with Advanced Module is also the ideal solution for robotic applications.


Input Power
  • 208/230/380/415/460/575/1/3/50/60
Rated Output
  • GMAW: 350A/31.5V/40%
  • GMAW: 300A/29V/100%
  • SMAW: 325A/33V/40%
  • SMAW: 250A/30V/100%
  • GTAW-DC: 350A/24V/40%
  • GTAW-DC: 300A/22V/100%
Input Current
  • 3 Ph / 40% Duty Cycle: 39/35/19/17/14
  • 3 Ph / 100% Duty Cycle: 31/28/15/14/11
  • 1 Ph / 40% Duty Cycle:
  • 60/67(1)/NA/NA/NA
  • 1 Ph / 100% Duty Cycle:
  • 60/53/NA/NA/NA
Output Range
  • 5-350A DC
Dimensions (H x W x D) 52 in x 39 in x 26 in (1321 mm x 991 mm x 660 mm)
Net Weight 488.99 (221.81 kg)

Order a Lincoln One-Pak® and get everything you need to complete a welding package - all with one order number. Shipped unassembled.

K4188-1 Power Wave S350 Power Source Aluminum
K4191-1 Power Feed 25M Wire Feeder for Aluminum
K4192-1 Advanced Module Aluminum
K870-2 Foot Pedal
K1781-9 TIG Torch
KP507 TIG Kit
KP1695-3/64A 3/64" Drive Roll Kit
KP1695-1/16A 1/16" Drive Roll Kit
KP2743-1-62RA 550 A Nozzle
KP2747-1A 550 A Diffuser
K3355-2 Magnum® PRO AL G225A Push/Pull Air-Cooled Gun w/25 ft (7.6 m) Cable
K3059-2 Undercarriage 
KP2745-364AT 550 A Contact Tip (3/64")
KP3982-2 550 A Insulator
KP3376-3 550 A Liner (3/64")
KP2745-364AT5356 550 A, 3/64" 5356 Contact Tip
KP2745-116AT 550 A, 1/16" Contact Tip
KP2745-116AT5356 550 A, 1/16" 5356 Contact Tip
KP3376-1 550 A, 1/16" Liner
K2149-1 Work Lead Package
3100546 Harris® Aluminum Flow/Regulator, 355-2CD 100-580
  • Easy Feeding
  • Clean Welds
  • Arc Stability
  • Auto Settings - Automatically sets a value, synergic with the wire feed speed, for multiple welding variables for perfect starts and stops.
  • CV
  • Pulse
  • CC Pulse - A modified pulse waveform provides better stability while whipping or shuffling the weld for better bead appearance.
  • Power Mode
  • Auto Calibrate - This feature is used to provide an automatic means of configuring the push-pull gun to operate with the optimal settings.
  • Pulse-on-Pulse
Product Number
Product Name
S-Series User Interface Kit
115V Auxiliary Kit
DeviceNet Kit
Dual Cylinder Inverter & Wire Feeder Cart
Tweco-Style Cam-Lock Adapter Plug for 2/0 Cable
STT® Sense Lead Kit - 25 ft (8 m)
Heavy Duty Process Sense Lead - 50 ft (15.2 m)
Heavy Duty Process Sense Lead - 100 ft (30.5 m)
Cool Arc® 55 Water Cooler
Cool Arc® 55 S Water Cooler
Cool Arc® Aluminum Water Cooler
Accessory Kit - 150 Amp
Remote Output Control with 12-Pin Universal Connector
12-Pin to 6-Pin Adapter
PTA-26FV Gas Valve Flexible Head Torch (25 ft 1pc)
Foot Amptrol™ - 25 ft. (7.6m) (12 pin)
Hand Amptrol™ Rotary Track Style 25 ft (7.6m) (12-pin)
Parts Kit for PTA-17 TIG Torch
Parts Kit for PTA-26 and PTW-18 TIG Torches
TWECO® Style TIG Torch Cam Lock Adapter, 26 Series
Product Number
Product Name
Weld Cable Package - Work & Power Lead 2/0 - Tweco® Male & GC500 / Tweco® Male & Lug - 10 ft (3 m)
AutoDrive® 19 Controller
Power Wave® STT® Module
Power Wave® STT® CE Advanced Process Welder Module
Power Wave® Advanced Module
Power Wave® Advanced Module Aluminum