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LFA 2.0 - 2 m (6.5 ft) Extraction Arm


Top Features

  • Ultra-easy positioning
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • 360° Rotatable Hood

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Low Vacuum Flexible Extraction Arm For Weld Fume Control

These flexible extraction arms are built the Lincoln Electric way – rugged and reliable. Designed with the welder in mind, the arms are equipped with a 360° rotatable hood for optimal positioning at the welding arc. With the hood poistioned 6-12 in. (152-304 mm)
from the welding source, the arc remains clearly visible while the fumes are extracted.


LFA extraction arms from Lincoln Electric have a solid, lightweight aluminum internal skeleton and an 8 in. (203 mm) diameter dent and scratch resistant outer plastic shell. Incorporated into the arm is a throttle valve that can be set to partial, full or no airflow setting at the opening. The arms also feature an extraction focus spoiler, which directs the air into the hood.

The arm’s balance system provides stability and easy positioning. When the arm is raised, it is free to move in any direction. When the arm is positioned, it is fixed into place.


The extensive positioning capability of these arms result in a larger work envelope requiring less repositioning. Operator visibility is also enhanced.

A correctly positioned extraction arm effectively draws welding fume particulate away from the operator’s breathing zone and helps to reduce the amount of residual fume particulate that often rises and hovers within a facility.

An optional lamp kit with arc sensor is available. Through the use of an arc sensor, the system automatically starts and stops the fan, providing hands-free operation and energy conservation.

Dimensions (H x W x D) 8 in x 85 in (208 mm x 2160 mm)
Net Weight 40.00 (18.14 kg)
Product Number
Product Name
SF2400 Wall Mounting Bracket for LTA 2.0, LFA 2.0, LFA 4.1-LC
Arc Sensor/Lamp Kit (SF2400 Fan) 115V
230V Conversion Kit for SF2400 Fan
Starter Overload Switch for 115V (SF2400 Fan)
Starter Overload Switch for 230V (SF2400 Fan)