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    Purchase any of these welders from a participating distributor and choose a cash rebate, FREE product, OR a 2 Year Extended Warranty! Submit your proof of purchase online and make your selection.
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  • Plasma Cutters 
    Spirit II Series plasma systems feature FineLine™ High Definition Plasma Cutting Technology that delivers unequaled performance in cut quality at lower costs. We provide the best cut quality over consumable life by achieving the least part taper over the electrode life. FineLine™ cutting technology with UltraSharp™ Hole Technology gives you the best hole quality in the industry.
    Spirit II Plasma Cutters 
  • Torch Consumables 
    Torch Consumables 
  • Seam Tracker 
    Arc Products™ tactile seam tracking systems deliver precise automated weld joint tracking for submerged arc and GMAW arc welding processes. Ideal for repetitive welding applications, these systems are recommended over manual and semiautomatic welding to improve quality and consistency while reducing operational costs.
    Seam Tracker 

Stick welders for welding a range of materials and thicknesses in the shop or field.

TIG welders give you The Power to Perform(SM) with precision arc control.

Wire feeder welders for home, farm, auto body, or production environments.

Versatile multi-process welders are ideal for heavy fabrication applications.

Power Wave® power sources offer discrete waveforms for optimal arc performance on a variety of materials.

Single welding power source Multi-Weld™ system or rack-mounted arrays of compact multi-process welders.

Engine driven welders combine AC and/or DC welding with AC generator power for even the toughest environments.

Wire feeders with two or four roll drives systems deliver miles of arc welding wire in the shop or at the construction site.

Submerged arc welders are beam-mounted, portable tractor or semi-automatic for heavy fabrication environments.

Sub arc wire feeders deliver dependable performance and reliable operation, making them ideal for shop or field operations.

Plasma cutting solutions include plasma cutters for cutting conductive material and torch consumables for plasma cutters.

Personal protection apparel for welders including welding jackets, gloves, safety glasses, and welding helmets.

Welding guns for MIG, flux-cored, aluminum, robotic, and self-shielded special process applications.

Welding torches are air-cooled or water-cooled and easy to use with the power of maximum versatility and maneuverability.

Automated welding solutions encompassing fixed and programmable automation welding equipment.

Orbital Welding Systems incorporate all welding supplies needed to provide control over the entire orbital welding process. 

Weld fume extraction solutions from portable and stationary models to plant-wide environmental systems.

Welding accessories include rugged optional features for your Lincoln Electric equipment, including undercarriages, covers, and kits.

Train welders faster and reduce material cost with a wide range of welding solutions for educational institutions and facilities.

Lincoln Electric provides a complete line of weld wire dispensing and weld cell support equipment.

Find welders and welding equipment at retail stores including Home Depot, Lowes, and Sears.

The products in this section are for export only for use outside of USA and Canada.

Robotic Automation 
Weld Fume Control 
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