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DownFlex® 400-MS/A Weld Fume Downdraft Table


Top Features

  • Three Stage Spark Arrestor System: Captures hot particulate before it can get into the filter chamber.
  • Strong Backdraft (80%) and Downdraft (20%) Extraction Capacity: Ideal for welding, grinding(1), and light duty plasma cutting.
  • Easy Maintenance: All controls and doors are located on the front for complete access to filters and collection draws.
  • UL® and CSA Approved
  • Clean work environment: Removing welding fumes at the source.


Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored, Plasma Cutting, Grinding(1)


(1) Not suitable for grinding Aluminum, Magnesium, or other explosive materials

MSRP: $12,922.08