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X-Tractor® 1GC Portable Weld Fume Extraction Unit 120/1/50/60 One-Pak®


Top Features

  • Simple to Configure – Uses a single fume extraction welding gun or suction nozzle attachment
  • Filter Cleaning System – Unique rotary air jet system allows the polyester filter to be cleaned using compressed air without removing it from the X-Tractor® 1GC
  • Automatic Start/Stop Sensor – Provides extraction only when needed, extends motor life, and reduces energy consumption
  • Wide Variety of Extraction Nozzles Available – Easily adapt the X-Tractor® 1GC for many different welding applications
  • Low Noise Operation – 74 dBA


Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored

MSRP: $3,377.72