Advanced Robotic Programming


Course Duration

The duration is 5 days. Frequency of course offering 4 times per year

Course Description

A 5-day training program covering advanced tasks and procedures that an operator, technician, engineer or programmer needs to maximize productivity and quality with a Lincoln /Fanuc-RJ-Series Robotic Welding System. Class size is limited to 12 participants.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations made within two weeks of the class start date will not be refunded.

Course Prerequisites

The person attending must have completed the Lincoln Automation Basic Robotic Programming Course.

Course Objectives

  • Edit programs while another is running.
  • Make temporary adjustments to weld points to compensate for batch runs.
  • Make On-The-Fly changes to weld procedures.
  • Copy / Shift programs to new locations to reduce programming time.
  • Add explanatory text to programs including Custom alarm messages.
  • Full controller memory backup and restore.
  • Use tool offset utility to minimize programming when changing to new style of torch.
  • Use Find, Replace, Copy and Paste commands.
  • Setup the Reference Position Utility to establish a safe position for the robot.
  • Change weld procedures in the middle of weld.
  • Monitor weld command and feedback signals.
  • Use Test Cycle to speed up the programming testing process.
  • Use logic instructions to simplify programming of parts with multiple, similar weld joints.
  • Setup/incorporate a User Frame into programming.
  • Fast Start.

    Modes of Metal Transfer
  • Short-Arc Transfer
  • Globular Transfer
  • Axial Spray Transfer
  • Pulsed Spray Metal Transfer
  • Surface Tension Transfer® (STT®)
  • Power Mode
  • RapidArc™
  • Pulse-on-Pulse®
  • Tandem MIG®
  • Synchronized Tandem MIG®

    Effects of Variables
  • Torch angles
  • Various shielding gases
  • Current Density
  • Electrode Efficiency
  • Deposition Rate
  • Electrode Extension and Contact To Work Distance (CTWD)
     Recognition and Recovery from Common Weld Discontinuities
  • Porosity
  • Spatter
  • Undercut
  • Incomplete Fusion / Inadequate Penetration
  • Incorrect weld shape and size
     Basic System Maintenance


Advanced Robotic Programming 


Cancellation policy:
Cancellations made within two weeks
of the class start date will not be refunded.



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