FANUC ARC Mate® iC Series Robots


Universal Process Robot for Arc Welding


Highest throughput and most compact body offering the largest working envelope with all mounting position for system flexibility.

Most compact wrist with largest hollow opening supporting many types of welding torches.

Through cable design and optimized WF area.

Acr Mater iC Series Robots 

                                ARC Mate® 100iC         ARC Mate® 100iC/6L            ARC Mate® 120iC/10L         ARC Mate® 120iC            


 Arc Mate iC Series Robots

Universal Process Robot with through arm weld cable
and integral wire feeder nested in robot arm.

 Arc Mate iC Series Robots

Most compact robot with widest motion range
and all mounting position capable.

 Arc Mate iC Series Robots

Quickest motion speed for higher through-put
and reduced cycle time.

 Arc Mate iC Series Robots

Integral welding utilities with optional weld power.
Supports both integral dress or standard dress type.

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For any robotic application, there are options to help improve weld quality and repeatability. Lincoln Electric Automation employs an experienced and professional staff to assist with any application review. These options have their own benefits and limitations, and only with a thorough evaluation of each application can a user determine which system can provide the most return on investment in terms of increased productivity and improved quality.

iRVISION Robotic Vision

Robotic vision provides the intelligence required for successful dynamic manufacturing processes and robust robotic applications. These products provide a level of performance, reliability and cost effectiveness unmatched by third-party solutions.  
iRVision™ is a ready-to-use robotic vision system that requires no additional hardware except for a camera or sensor and a cable.  It provides a 2-D or 3-D robot guidance and/or error proofing tool to accomplish part location, presence detection and other operations that normally require special sensors or custom fixturing.  

As a FANUC Certified Vision specialist, Lincoln Electric provides expertise in implementing vision into welding applications and can assist you with the application knowledge, skill and training.

​​​Servo Robot Laser Vision

Combining Lincoln Electric Automation’s welding and cutting proficiency with 3-D laser vision techniques and advanced sensing devices produces precise, efficient and reliable systems for customer applications.  Using these systems, adaptive welding, seam tracking, automated inspection of joining processes as well as other processes can realize increased reliability and effectiveness of the overall operation.  

​​Fanuc Robotics ServoTorch

FANUC Robotics' ServoTorch is a fully-integrated, servo-controlled, wrist-mounted, four-roll (4) "Pull" wire feeder controlled by the ARC Mate® series robots. The design is optimized to feed aluminum and soft wire. The drive motor is a proven FANUC high torque servo motor with a pulling capacity suitable for unassisted wire feeding from conventional spools or pay-off packs.