Equipment Certificates

Certificates of Conformance
Certificates of Conformance are a statement of the condition of the machine as manufactured, tested and inspected under an ISO Quality System compliance
and with requirements of applicable specifications and / or drawings related to these products utilizing calibrated test equipment traceable to National Standards.


To obtain a certificate of conformance please email the appropriate contact below with serial number, K#, and code number of the units:

Contact Country Email Address
Debra Richards and John Lutsch United States
Stefano Szegedy Italy
Milosz Swider Poland
Thuraisingham Sivakumar Canada Thuraisingham
Leticia Pena Mexico
Tob Hu China


Examples of serial numbers prefixes and the country of origin:

U = United States  (example- U1111111111)
I  = Italy (example - I2222222222)
P = Poland  (example - P3333333333)
C = Canada (example - C4444444444)
M = Mexico (example - M5555555555)
Z = China (example - Z6666666666)


Certificates of Origin
Confirms the product was manufactured by The Lincoln Electric Company.

Manufacturer Affidavit
Customer needs to move product back into the US from Canada.

750AMPS K1530-1 Certificates and documentation.

Declaration of Conformity to Equipment Standards
This document is a declaration of the standards that apply to equipment, such as Canadian Standards Association, European Norm, International Electro
Technical Commission and Underwriters Laboratories.