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Dedicated to the welding instructor, here you will find ideas for the classroom, an E-Learning course and guides that provide classroom activities and hands-on welding lesson instruction. Learn about the Lincoln Electric No Teacher Left Behind™ program, order technical literature or purchase educational materials.
Teacher's Guides
Welding Connects Your World 

E-Learning Course
A student navigated website providing an introduction to the world of arc welding. 

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 Arc Welding Basics
 SMAW - "Stick Welding"
 GMAW - "MIG Welding"

Teacher's Guides 

Step-by-step welding lessons
Lab recommendations
Classroom activities
Review questions
Teaching standard crosswalk
Low and no cost resources

Facilitator's Manuals:


Welding Curriculum
No Teacher Left Behind™

This Lincoln Electric educational support program was established to assist welding instructors teaching in budget conscious schools by providing no cost educational materials.

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Educational Materials

Further knowledge of the arc welding process, engineering design information, procedural data and skill development techniques.

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Teaching Aids

Welding Careers Poster
Posters and Decals

Order Lincoln Electric catalogs, equipment spec sheets, consumable welding guides, as well as welding posters and decals.



VRAW Curriculum

An integrated learning approach allows students to experience the traditional and virtual welding hands-on program. More

Iowa State Studies
Virtual Reality Integrated Training:

 Study 1
 Study 2
 Study 3

2014 Technical Training Guide
A comprehensive catalog of Welding School classes, professional seminars, distributor training and more.