Training Equipment

  • VRTEX® Trainers
    There’s a VRTEX Virtual Reality Welding Simulation Trainer designed to blend with traditional welding training at every education level, whether that’s exploratory career pathways, learning the fundamentals of technique, practice for advanced students or evaluation of prospective employees.


  • REALWELD® Trainer

    Use the REALWELD trainer to guide welding technique behavior in the booth, lab or even classroom. Clone master welder performance and maintain data on every weld.

  • Robotic Trainer

    Bring your welding students to the next level with an advanced robotic trainer. The full featured welding power source and feeder make the experience identical to programming and welding in manufacturing. 

  • Resource Center

    Access the training resources you need to advance your education program. Go to the Resource Center

Supplements and enhances the welding instructors ability to attract, engage and train students in a cost-effective method.

Focuses on enhancing the ability to train student on robotic programming, welding technique and skills.

Delivers guidance, tracking and more to enhance understanding and technique development.

Torchmate packages offers their state-of-the-art, affordable, robotic metal cutting machinery for training programs.

Find a variety of fume extraction systems for source capture applications such as schools, training locations, and welding booths.

Welding booths are ideal for use in stationary production welding applications, vocational centers and training facilities.

Help your students position the weld where they need it with tabletop positioners and turning rolls.

Whether you weld for a living or you're an occasional welder, we have the right welding safety gear for you.

Select the right welding equipment for your education program – compact, multi-process, basic, advanced, integrated feeder models and more.

Education Resource Center

Access the training resources you need to advance your education program, including videos, how-to instructional articles, training classes and events, and more.

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