Welding and Cutting Equipment

​​ Welding Equipment Cutting Equipment


Welding equipment includes stick welders, tig welders, MIG welders, multi-process welders, advanced process welders, multi-operator welders, engine drives, submerged arc equipment, and wire feeders for arc welding.


Cutting equipment includes plasma cutters, plasma cutting systems, CNC cutting systems, pipe cutting machines, structural steel fabrication, motion and shape cutting controllers, and genuine torch consumables for plasma torches.


 Automation Guns and Torches


Automation welding solutions include robotic automation for fixed and programmable welding, orbital systems, training equipment for educational welding instruction, and weld fume control products to extract weld fume and provide environmental safety.


Welding guns for any application include MIG guns, semiautomatic guns, aluminum push pull, fume extraction, spool guns, robotic guns, innershield flux-cored self-shielded guns, and welding guns for submerged arc applications. Torches include air-cooled and water-cooled models available in several amperage ratings.


 Welding Gear Accessories


Personal protective wear includes fire retardant welding gloves, clothing, caps and doo rags, and face protection including glasses, cutting goggles, and shields. Get a complete package with our welding bags. VIKING Auto Darkening Helmets are lightweight, comfortable and full of features. Welding tools include rod ovens to prevent moisture pick up in stick electrode, wire brushes for cleaning steel, curtains and blankets for protection.


Accessories for your welders and welding equipment include add-ons and options to improve the functionality of your welding equipment and expendable parts to maintain your welding equipment properly. Select rugged optional features for your Lincoln Electric equipment, including undercarriages, covers, kits and more.