Registration Form - New Resource Access Manager (RAM)
Thank you for your interest in Lincoln Electric products! New account creation is only available to Lincoln Electric business partners. If your company would like to become a Lincoln Electric business partner please contact your local Lincoln Electric sales office.

No registration is required to browse and search the Lincoln Electric product catalog on our website.
A "Resource Access Manager" (RAM) is the person who is designated to maintain the user accounts for your company.
Registration Procedure:
  • To complete this registration form you will need the 'Authorization Code number'.  If you do not have one you will need to contact us.  For suppliers contact 'Lincoln Electric Supply Management' and they will provide you one in an invitation email.  For customers contact your 'Lincoln Electric Local District Sales Office'.  Search Offices.
  • Submit the completed form including Authorization Code.
  • Upon successful completion of this form your Account ID will be e-mailed to you. As the RAM, you will be responsible for adding, deleting and setting access privileges for all users at your company.
Account Information
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