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Serial number is located on welder. Do not enter product; ie K2175-1.
Please provide a valid serial number.
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Warranty period starts on purchase date. Please keep a record of your receipt. Lincoln Electric will not sell or give away these registrations. Registrations are for internal use only.

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There are normally three ways to identify a Lincoln welder:

  1. Product Number – Letter "K" or "U" followed by numbers and/or letters. For example; K2175-1
  2. Code Number – 4-5 digit number. For example; 10859.
  3. Serial Number – 11 digit alphanumeric. For example; U1060512345.

When you register your product on, you need to enter the serial number of the product. If the serial number can be validated, a product number field will be entered for you automatically. If the serial number cannot be validated, it will allow you to manually enter the serial number and you can then use the product number field to lookup the product number associated with that serial number.

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