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Bullet point New! Welding Blankets and Curtains
Bullet point Rockstar Performance Garage - Rocking the
Automotive Market
Bullet point Design Strategies for Mobile Robotic Cells
Bullet point Are Tactile Seam Tracking Systems Right for You?
Bullet point Welding Project:  Build Your Own Welding Table
Bullet point Iron Man 3 'Made Possible' With Lincoln Electric Equipment
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Multi-Colored Cap with Trucker Mesh
Black/Red/White mesh unstructured cap with trucker mesh.  Lincoln Electric logo in full color on front of cap with The Welding Experts on right side of bill and Est. 1895 on back strip.


Burny Kaliburn is the latest company to join the Lincoln Electric family and offers many innovative solutions in shape cutting.
Kaliburn is a designer and manufacturer of shape cutting solutions.  Burny produces shape cutting control systems. Cleveland Motion Control (CMC) manufactures web tension transducers and engineered machine systems.

Submerged Arc Flux

812-SRC™ Submerged Arc Flux
Lincolnweld® 812-SRC™ is a carbon-neutral flux designed for offshore welding applications that require high strength after extensive post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) of up to 30 hours.
For a variety of applications including NACE and non-NACE applications, Lincolnweld 812-SRC will produce weldments with hardness values below 250 Hv10 and less than 1% nickel when combined with Lincolnweld LA-84 electrode.
For a carbon-neutral flux with hardness requirements below 250 Hv10 choose Lincolnweld 812-SRC.

Arc Welding Safety

Arc welding is a safe occupation when sufficient measures are taken to protect the welder from potential hazards. When these measures are overlooked, welders can encounter such dangers as electric shock, overexposure to fumes and gases, arc radiation, and fire and explosion. Keeping the arc welding operator in mind, here you will find both mandatory safety practices and those based on shop experience.

Where to See Us
Where to see 

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Baltimore, Maryland
June 2 - 4, 2013
Burr Ridge, Illinois
June 19 - 20, 2013
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New! Welding Blankets and Curtains
Welding blanketWelding blankets and curtains were recently added to the Radius™ Welding Tools product group.
All are designed to protect components parts, flooring or nearby equipment from heat and spatter by safely confining welding sparks and grind particulate.
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Rockstar Performance Garage - Rocking the
Automotive Market
Rockstar Performance Garage 

Every rock star needs a cool set of wheels - making the partnership between Rockstar Energy Drinks and custom builder Nicholas Ashby a perfect one. Working together to launch the first ever lifestyle-brand-owned performance garage, Rockstar and Ashby have created a fully functioning shop that successfully bridges the lifestyle and automotive markets.
Officially opened in June 2012, Rockstar Performance Garage (RPG) works on a range of projects, everything from off road vehicles to imports to muscle cars, and though it hasn’t been open long, the shop's cars have already received recognition and awards.
Ashby has been a Lincoln Electric customer ever since he first picked up a Lincoln Electric plasma cutter while working on Humvees during his tour in Iraq.  His shop is outfitted with a wide variety of Lincoln Electric equipment and Red Line™ apparel and accessories.
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Design Strategies for Mobile Robotic Cells
System 55 With ever-increasing demand on manufacturers to produce a broad array of high-quality products that remain competitive in the marketplace, the need to automate production processes has never been greater.  Short product lifecycles coupled with diverse product portfolios creates a high product-mix, low-volume scenario that is increasingly driving small- and medium-sized enterprises to invest in robotic automation technologies.
The need to maximize the functionality of their capital investment means companies are constantly looking for ways to make systems as flexible as possible. This is often in the form of specially designed tooling and fixturing that can be changed out between production runs of different products.
The true challenge arises when they need to move entire robotic cells from one area of a facility to another, or even to another facility altogether, to keep pace with the demands of an ever-changing production environment.
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Are Tactile Seam Tracking Systems Right for You?
Seam Tracking System In the last few years, many manufacturers once again have become aware of the advantages of using seam tracking systems. For companies to stay competitive in today's market, production facilities must become lean and efficient. Tactile seam tracking systems help manufacturers achieve this goal with a relatively small capital investment. Companies in countries that have historically added more labor to a particular welding project, in hopes of meeting required production rates, also have realized the benefits tactile seam tracking systems offer.
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Welding Project:  Build Your Own Welding Table
Welding Table A steel welding table is a basic necessity for any welder's workspace, since welding on a wooden surface can present a very real fire hazard. In addition, with a steel table, the welder's work clamp can be attached to it, and parts placed on the table will be electrically connected with the table's surface. This provides the advantage of keeping the work clamp and its cable out of your way while welding.
Finally, building your own welding table will allow you to stand upright and place smaller projects at the right height for welding.
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Iron Man 3 'Made Possible' With
Lincoln Electric Equipment
Superhero inventor Iron Man is off on his latest adventure – with Lincoln Electric equipment by his side. Released on May 3, the hit Marvel comics-inspired film -- Iron Man 3 -- features Lincoln Electric welding equipment, used by actor Robert Downey Jr.'s character, engineering genius Tony Stark/Iron Man, to fabricate his signature armored suit, various tools and weapons as he prepares to fight the villain Mandarin. Look for Lincoln Electric POWER MIG® welders in Tony's Stark's high tech workshop.
Grossing more than $175 million in its opening weekend, the film is already a surefire hit, as were the first two films, which also put Lincoln Electric equipment to highly visible use on-screen.
Craig Coffey, U.S. Marketing Communications Manager with Lincoln Electric said, "What welding equipment manufacturer wouldn't want to be associated with Iron Man's workshop? Throughout the movie series, Tony Stark is presented as a futurist with an eye for the possible, who relies on welding products - Lincoln Electric welding products - to produce amazing works of technology, just like many of our customers. THAT is cool."
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