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JULY 2013
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Putting The Right Skills In the Hands of Our Students
Robotic Education Cell
Choose a FREE Miniflex Portable Weld Fume System (230V input) or a $2,000 discount on the purchase of a new Robotic Welding Education Cell during this exciting promotion. Learn more

LincolnWeld 842-H: Offshore Welding Flux
Lincolnweld 842-H
Lincolnweld 842-H™ is a neutral flux that excels in typical offshore welding joints. It offers excellent slag detachability, superior bead profile and smoothness, and unparalleled tie-in. More

Tech Tips: FCAW-S Troubleshooting
FCAW-S Troubleshooting
Learn some of the most common mistakes made while flux-cored welding so you can adjust your own practices and improve your welds. Watch video

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Money Matters™ — Start Your Project Today
Money MattersWhen you're ready to start, we're ready to help. Purchase selected equipment from a participating Money Matters™ distributor and choose a cash rebate up to $200, a FREE product, OR a two year extended warranty. Submit your proof of purchase online and make your selection. Learn more here
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How to properly maintain your welding equipment
Welder MaintenanceOne of the most important – and simplest – ways to create strong welds is to properly maintain your welding equipment. Taking care of your welder does not require a great deal of effort, and it can save you significant time and money in the long run – both in equipment longevity and in weld quality and performance.
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A different path
Army Welder Stacey-Ann McNish-Rodriguez is a chief warrant officer in the U.S. Army ... and she is a welder. Lincoln Electric participates in the U.S. Army’s Training With Industry (TWI) program, where an enlisted Army soldier reports to work at Lincoln Electric for one year. Learn more about the program and McNish-Rodriguez's experience at Lincoln Electric
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Alloy products: For the most demanding applications
Alloy Products As a manufacturer of welding consumables for over 100 years, Lincoln Electric has set the industry standard for alloy products. Our breadth of products and technical knowledge provide you with the support you need for your application. See our alloy product portfolio
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Welding Project: Engine BBQ
Engine BBQ Michael Boquist built this unique BBQ from the ground up. Fabrication of the intake took 30 hours to complete and the total project, including modification of the engine stand, took a little more than 60 hours. He used a Lincoln Electric POWER MIG® wire feeder welder and add-on spool gun for the aluminum welding. View more "How I Did It" projects
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