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September 2013
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Ranger 305 G EFI
Ranger 305 G EFI
The Ranger® 305 G EFI is a powerful multiprocess stick, TIG, wire and pipe welding engine-driven welder that is ready for all day, everyday performance. It has CT Chopper Technology® for superior arc performance, and a Kohler® gasoline engine for easier starts in cold weather and lower fuel use. Learn more

Pipeliner Arc 80
Pipeliner Arc 80
Pipeliner® Arc 80 is a low alloy stick electrode designed for root pass welding up to X80 grade pipe, and fill and cap pass welding for up to X70 grade pipe. It is classified per AWS as an E8010-G and E8010-P1, and is the same AWS classification as Shield-Arc® 70+ and Pipeliner 8P+ More

Tech Tips: Adjusting Helmets for Bifocals
Adjusting VIKING™ Helmets for Bifocals
Though VIKING™ Helmets are cheater lens capable, sometimes you want to be able to use your own bifocals while you weld for an even more precise view. VIKING™ Helmets allow you to do this by adjusting the headgear to broaden your line of sight. Dennis Klingman shows you how. Watch video

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Made Possible With Lincoln Electric
Made Possible With Lincoln ElectricHave you visited madepossiblewith.com? It's our new site that showcases landmarks and innovations that were made possible with welding. We've done pieces on the Indy 500, Grand Canyon Skywalk, Samsara Cycles, Red Bull Creation and the Maker Movement, and Chicago's Willis Tower - with lots more to come! Check it out today!
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Flashback Friday Historical Screensaver
Flashback Friday™ Historical ScreensaverFor over a year, we’ve been posting Flashback Friday™ images - historical photos that highlight the rich history of welding - to our social media channels. Now you can enjoy these photos anytime by downloading our Flashback Friday™ Historical Screensaver. Want even more Flashback Friday? Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.
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Get Real - Fires Can Happen
Fire Safety SystemsWith oil or other flammable materials, fresh oxygen from the fan and hot welding sparks, you have a perfect combination in your fume extraction system to start a fire. The Guardian™ fire-safety system gives you the ability to specify, design and install a complete solution. Get a free Guardian assessment for your existing fume extraction system.
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A Story of Collaborative Excellence
Cotterman Company When Cotterman Company had to create unique tooling with the ability to adjust for multiple sized parts and weld positions, they had to combine the talents of their robotic staff with those of the Lincoln Electric Automation Division and AccuBilt, Inc., an integration house for robotic and automated welding, material handling and tooling. Here's how they did it.
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Welding Project: Award Winning Smoker
Award Winning Smoker Steve Renfro built this award-winning smoker over a seven-month period and finished it just 24 hours before the first contest he entered. His welder of choice for the project was a Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak® 140HD wire feeder welder. Renfro used about 40 lbs. of flux-cored wire to fabricate the smoker. View more "How I Did It" projects
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