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May 2016

Saving Time on Large Job Sites

Flextec 350X

Brownsville Marine Products, of Brownsville, Pennsylvania, produces approximate one 100 foot barge every two days. With welding at almost every stage of production, welders are everywhere. And, they are often operating hundreds of feet away from their welder. Brownsville recently tested Lincoln Electric’s new CrossLinc™ Technology. Here’s what they had to say about saving time, enhancing quality and reducing the number of cables on the site.

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Tennessee Ramps up Skill Trades Recruitment Program

Governor Bill Haslam of Tennessee kicked off a new Go Build Tennessee campaign last week to encourage high school students to consider a career in the skilled trades. Tennessee joins Georgia and Alabama, who run similar programs. Bob Woods, CEO of Go Build, indicated the campaign targets student and their influencers, including parents, teachers, counselors and coaches. Why launch a campaign now? Haslam stated “for every five skilled tradesmen about to retire, only one new worker is in the education, training and apprenticeship pipeline to replace them. MORE 

Qual-Fab, Inc. Relies on Lincoln Electric for Stainless and Nickel Alloy Welding Fabrication


Qual-Fab, Inc., located in Avon, OH, fabricates custom welded structures for the steel processing and other industries. Often intended for use in high temperature, corrosive environments, the weldments produced at Qual-Fab are typically made from stainless and nickel alloys. Producing top quality welds is a significant focus for Gary Vanek, President and Matt Schatz, Welding Supervisor, CWI. Using Power Wave® and Flextec® welders along with Power Feed® and Flex Feed® wire feeders, Qual-Fab is able to move product through the plant faster and with higher quality. MORE

Are Drones in Your Future? reports that the future for drones is bright. . . and imminent. Drones are expected to address business processes valued at over $127 Billion, with the best prospects in infrastructure data monitoring and related activities totaling $45.2 Billion. MORE 

2015 was “Above Average“ for Most Contractors

According to an Equipment Today magazine survey, 62 percent of contractors saw above average business in 2015 and 53 percent anticipated more growth in 2016. For visual graphs detailing the survey’s findings, see MORE below. MORE

What Does Transportation Infrastructure Look Like in 2050?

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers and a multi-disciplinary team at Northwestern University revealed an in-depth study on trends and opportunities that will influence how the U.S. will move people and goods in the year 2050. To learn more or download the full report, see MORE below. MORE

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