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August 2016

 What are the Advantages of AC in Aluminum GMAW

AC GMAW in aluminum welding has become a more popular process in recent years due to the price reduction in AC-capable machines. In his latest article for Practical Welding Today (Also featured on The Fabricator.com), Lincoln Electric’s Frank Armao suggests  applications where using AC GMAW for aluminum welding would be the most beneficial. MORE

Custom Bike Shop Focuses on Small Batch Manufacturing

The Guerrilla Gravity bike shop offers options for building custom mountain bikes, but is definitely not the place to pick out a bike and ride out of the store with it. This six-person bike fabrication shop creates custom aluminum bike parts that customers can choose from when working to create their ideal bike. Forbes.com gives us a closer look at why Guerilla Gravity is a firm believer in “small-batch manufacturing”, an idea that stems from the popular craft brew industry and concentrates on lower production levels at higher quality.  MORE

How Auto Companies are Making Their Cars Lighter

Photo courtesy of Wall Street Journal, FORD MOTORS

Due to stricter emissions and fuel economy standards in the U. S., foreign and domestic auto makers have an increased concentration on producing lightweight vehicles. According to the Wall Street Journal, car companies are constantly experimenting with aluminum due to the fact that for every 10 pounds of steel substituted by aluminum or alternative materials results in 10 to 15 pounds less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere each year. MORE

GM steel-to-aluminum welding coming to CT6, but at factory level only

General Motors has proudly patented an aluminum-to-steel spot welding system using a newly-designed welding tip, which has allowed for easy aluminum integration without the need to for retooling. Repairer Driven News explains how GM has begun using this process in the production of the Cadillac CT6, and what their plans are moving forward. MORE

Automotive Aluminum Recycling Rate Higher than 90%

According to DriveAluminum.com the Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s (WPI) Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling has confirmed an overall recycling rate of 91 percent for automotive aluminum. The study examines how much aluminum used in the United States’ light-bodied automotive industry is recovered and recycled from retired vehicles. Learn more about the process here. MORE

Lincoln Electric Representatives Speaking at AWS Aluminum Conference 2016

Four leading Lincoln Electric aluminum welding authorities are set to present at the upcoming 19th Annual Aluminum Conference sponsored by the American Welding Society (AWS), Sep. 20-21, at AWS Headquarters in Miami. These Lincoln Electric subject matter experts will present six sessions over the course of the two-day conference. For further details on the conference and Lincoln Electric speakers, visit lincolnelectric.com.  MORE

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