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June 2016

The Strength of Aluminum

High-strength aluminum alloys are used in hundreds of everyday applications where strength and durability are critical. These include military vehicles, skyscrapers and even shark cages. This infographic for Aluminum.org discusses how aluminum's reputation of being lightweight and flexible has overshadowed the fact that it is one of the toughest metals on earth. MORE

The Perks of a Push-Pull Gun for GMAW

Lincoln Electric's Frank Armao suggests using a push-pull gun for aluminum GMAW, especially when having difficulties feeding aluminum wire. In his latest article for Practical Welding Today (also featured on The Fabricator.com), Armao discusses the pros of using a push-pull gun over a traditional push gun, and how he came to form his opinion on this matter.  MORE

Aluminum's Impact on U.S. Jobs and Manufacturing

A study by economic research firm John Dunham & Associates highlights the importance of the aluminum industry to the U.S. economy. From increasing vehicle fuel efficiency to green building products to sustainable packaging, domestic aluminum directly employs 161,000 workers yearly. Learn more in this article for Aluminum.org. MORE

New Extrusion Plant Coming to Bowling Green, Kentucky

Kobe Steel, Ltd. will manufacture and sell aluminum extrusions for automotive manufacturers in the United States. The new business will operate through a company called Kobelco Aluminum Products & Extrusions Inc. (or KPEX) in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Learn more about the future of this plant in this article for AluminumToday.com. MORE

Lincoln Electric-New Aluminum GMAW Guide Updated

Lincoln Electric has released an updated guide for aluminum GMAW. The guide features a new layout with updated information on the latest aluminum products.

Check out the guide for a detailed look at filler metal types, tips for welding on aluminum materials, and a discussion on the causes and cures of defects in aluminum welding. MORE

Novelis Lightens Cadillac

Aluminum corporation, Novelis has partnered with General Motors to produce the 2016 Cadillac CT6, which features a body constructed primarily out of aluminum. By choosing to manufacture the body of the CT6  with 62% aluminum, Cadillac has achieved significant weight savings, while still focusing on safety and fuel-efficiency.  MORE

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