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March 2016


Lincoln Electric Aluminum Robotic Welding Equipment

AutoDrive SA

Lincoln Electric offers a full-range of aluminum robotic welding equipment, including power sources, wire feeders and torches, all of which can be added to any aluminum robotic welding cell to create a complete solution. Learn more about the product offerings here. MORE

The Aluminum Effect

A year following the rollout of Ford’s ground-breaking aluminum-bodied F-150, the collision repair industry is caught in a race to aluminum-readiness. However, the question of whether or not aluminum-bodied vehicles are just a fad is still circulating. Learn about how the switch to aluminum has affected the auto manufacturing industry and skilled workforce in this article for Fender Bender Magazine . MORE

LIFT Technology Partnership Focuses on Aluminum Lithium Alloys

LIFT (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow) has launched a new product focusing on predicting the performance of aluminum-lithium alloys for use in aerospace applications. Lead partners on the project, United Technologies Research Center and the University of Michigan, will work on advanced computer simulations to better understand the performance of aluminum-lithium alloys in machined parts. MORE

Novelis, Jaguar, Land Rover Develop High Recycled-Content Aluminum Alloy

Novelis’ latest innovation, the RC5754 alloy is designed to contain up to 75 percent recycled content. Upon its release, the alloy has already been used in the manufacturing of the latest automotive models, including the new Jaguar XE . MORE

Welding Tips for TIG Aluminum Welding

Welding Tips and Tricks.com provides some knowledge on the best practices for aluminum TIG welding in tight spaces using a Lincoln Electric Square Wave® TIG 175. MORE

Going Further with Aluminum

The advancement of aircraft, automobiles, trains, space and marine travel is tied to advancement in aluminum alloys. Check out this infographic from Aluminum.org for  more info. MORE

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