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May 2016

Are Aluminum Vehicles Really More Expensive to Repair?

Due to its strength and lightness, aluminum has been a popular material choice in the aerospace industry, and is making moves in the automotive industry as well. Still, the issue of higher repair costs cause concern that the material is more trouble than its worth. Autoguide.com helps dispel the myths behind the cost of repairing aluminum. MORE

Accept No Substitutes. POWER MIG 210 MP Aluminum One-Pak for $1199

The POWER MIG® 210 MP Aluminum One-Pak® is currently available for $1199 (USD) after a $200 end user cash rebate. The lightweight and portable multi-process machine comes complete with a Magnum® PRO 100SG Spool Gun and accessories for easy aluminum weld set-up. MORE

The Hidden Hand Behind Tesla Models

(photo courtesy of Autoguide.com)

Tesla’s revolutionary Model S sedan features a light-weight aluminum body to provide fuel efficiency and increased vehicle safety. Sapa, a large scale aluminum organization headquartered in Oslo, Norway is responsible for the extrusion of over 60% of the aluminum used to manufacture the Model S and Model X sedans. Learn more about the extrusion-to-manufacturing process in this article for Autoguide.comMORE

Great Dane Adds AdvantEdge Service Providers in Texas

Great Dane’s AdvantEDGE National Aftermarket Parts & Service program has expanded in Texas by signing three new service providers through Trailer Services of West Texas and Reefer Pro Plus of Longview. Learn about how this will affect the company’s sales moving forward in this article for TrailerBodyBuilders.com. MORE

Aluminum’s Impact on U.S. Jobs and Manufacturing

The U.S. aluminum industry is a key element of the nation's manufacturing base. Strong, lightweight and recyclable, aluminum is perfectly suited to meet the needs and challenges of manufacturing in the years to come. Check out this infographic at Aluminum.org to learn more. MORE

Closed Loop Recycling: Turning Aluminum Scrap into Ford Trucks

The process for turning aluminum fragments into Ford® F-Series trucks  is completed using a closed loop recycling process. This process can preserve over 90 percent of the original material while attaining proper quality and purity specifications needed. Take a look at the step-by-step process here. MORE

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