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September 2016

Practical Training for Aluminum Alloys Seminar

Learn about the latest welding techniques for aluminum at Lincoln Electric's Practical Training for Aluminum Alloys Seminar, Nov. 15-18, 2016. This seminar is designed for experienced welders and technicians, and covers topics such as welding process modes and proper set-up. Space is limited to 20 attendees. Click here for further details on seminar topics, price and accommodations. MORE

Aluminum-What We Have Learned So Far

When Ford first introduced its aluminum-bodied, many auto repair shops were skeptical of how they would adjust. Flash forward to 2016, repair shops now employ stronger welders with aluminum knowledge, which has actually increased the quality of work overall. Bodyshopbusiness.com recounts how aluminum has influenced the repair market, and what the industry has learned from the experience. MORE

Aluminum-Bodied Airstream Campers Provide Comfort to the Camping Experience

Airstream, a manufacturer of utility campers outside of Jackson Center, Ohio, uses aluminum sheet metal to construct the paneling on their popular motorhomes. Pickuptrucks.com gives a first-person review of the Airstream facility, and discusses what it is about these campers that has attracts a customer base consisting of everyone from camping lovers to professional athletes. MORE

New! Magnum PRO AL Push-Pull Gun with Front Trigger

We are pleased to introduce an expansion of the Magnum® PRO AL push-pull gun line. The new guns feature a front-mounted trigger for operators that prefer this configuration. Check out lincolnelectric.com for further product details. MORE

Mercedes Makes Next C-Class Lighter with Aluminum

Motorauthority.com reports that Mercedes-Benz is on track to produce their next c-class luxury sedan with an aluminum body. Mercedes believes the switch will shed even more weight than its competitors, due to new construction methods that will enable a greater use of aluminum. MORE

Aluminum- A Seaworthy Alternative

Although aluminum marine vessels have been in use since the late 1800s, the reasons for choosing aluminum over carbon-fiber materials in the shipbuilding industry are generally unknown. This article for Shapes dispels common myths associated with aluminum shipbuilding, and highlights the features that make aluminum a cost-effective choice for marine and offshore applications. MORE

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