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February 2016

U/LINC Welding Curriculum Informational Webinars


Have you started preparing your curriculum for the 2016-17 school year? Lincoln Electric's comprehensive U/LINC materials can help you take the headache out of curriculum prep. Our upcoming webinars will cover how U/LINC works, the scope of materials, including a review of sample documents, show you how to access our 30 day free trial and answer any of your questions. MORE 

New Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

A series of instructional how-to and operational videos for both our REALWELD® Welding Trainer and VRTEX® 360 Virtual Reality Welding Simulation Trainer are now online. If your school has one of these systems and you need to get up to speed, or you are considering the purchase of one of these systems, these videos will show you just how easy it is to set up and operate these systems for both students and instructors. MORE

New Manufacturing Training Center Opens in Kissimmee, Florida

Valencia College's new manufacturing training center is a 17,000 square foot facility that is designed to train students in welding, robotics, electronics and more for area manufacturers, according to the Orlando Business Journal. The Manufacturers Association of Florida estimates there are more than 5000 open manufacturing jobs in the state right now. MORE 

Tampa Feels the Skilled Trades Crunch

Facing almost $5 billion in airport and mixed use construction projects over the next decade, the Tampa, FL, area is coming up short on skilled workers to fill job openings, says The Tampa Tribune. The Florida construction labor force stood at 442,000 in 2015, but estimates indicate 500,000 are required by 2018. Fully 70 percent of construction contractors cannot find qualified workers. Viewpoints on all sides point to the shutdown of high school vocational programs over the last 20 years as one of the root causes and many are calling for a ramp back up to meet demand and generate viable career pathways. MORE 

Evaluate Competencies, Not Skills

This article for The Chronical of Higher Education argues that the current employment gap is not in skills, but in competency assessment. Evidence from more than one source indicates students of today compare favorably with students of the past in basic reading writing and math. However, large gaps appear to exist in soft skills such as motivation, punctuality, work ethic and accountability. MORE 

Workforce Development the New Key to Economic Development

Recently, the city of Memphis, TN, was stung when a medical device manufacturer walked away from an opportunity to build a new plant in the area. The company cited its own studies that determined they would not be able to locate enough skilled talent for their jobs. According The Daily News, the buzz in recent economic development conferences is no longer about tax incentives but instead about localized workforce development. A variety of Memphis groups are now working to bring technical education back in order to attract advanced manufacturing businesses. MORE

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