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January 2016

Get Ready for the 2016-17 School Year NOW!


Are you preparing curriculum and planning equipment purchases for the upcoming 2016-17 school year? Then include a thorough evaluation of Lincoln Electric's comprehensive U/LINC™ curriculum package in your plans. U/LINC features lesson plans, videos, student handouts,  tests, presentations and more designed to supercharge your teaching experience and free you from curriculum development. Try the 30 day free access to U/LINC to start your evaluation. MORE 

Get Engaged with the Latest from VRTEX

VRTEX Engage

For some, the first step into the virtual learning environment can be a big one. Lincoln Electric makes that first step easier with VRTEX® Engage™ - a standalone foundational system designed to introduce students to the skilled trades, specifically arc welding. The VRTEX Engage includes a touch screen monitor, welding gun, tracking device and a work surface. It's all contained in a lightweight and portable carrying case that can be deployed in any setting - industrial, educational or elsewhere. MORE

It's Not a "Skills Gap," It's a "Knowledge Gap"

Dr. Katherine Wesley, Executive Director of the National Council of Instructional Administrators (NCIA), recently commented on the speech given by Dr. Jason Scales, Lincoln Electric Manager of Educational Services, at the Rural Community College Alliance (RCCA) conference. Dr. Scales had the audience discussing his assertion for hours - that we are not facing a 'skills gap,' but instead a 'knowledge gap,' and that curriculum must be redesigned to meet the needs of advanced manufacturing and engage the next generation of students. MORE 

What is the Purpose of Education?

In this op-ed from the Baltimore Sun, former school superintendent Nancy Grasmick provides perspective on the changing purpose of education throughout U.S. history. It's clear there is an increasing link between educational programs and business in the 21st century, which must be strengthened moving forward. MORE 

STEM Jobs Growing 1.7 Times Faster Than Non-Stem Jobs

This Lane Report article covers a lot of ground detailing a number of initiatives underway in Kentucky, including Kentucky Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (KYFAME), a partnership between the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and regional manufacturers. The program is based on the Advance Manufacturing Technician (AMT) program curriculum developed by Toyota and Bluegrass Community and Technical College. MORE 

Measuring the Skills Gap

So much is written in the business and education press about the skills gap. But, who measures it? Why are all the quoted numbers contradictory? According to this blog from Huff Post Business by Dr. Bill R. Path, the President of Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, it turns out an index was created in 2014 based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data to bring order to the chaos. The gap measured by the index climbed dramatically in 2008-2010, and has been tapering down since. Currently, it remains 38 points above the baseline in 2000. MORE

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