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March 2016

Another Welding Program Reinstated


Like so many other programs around the country, the Parma, Ohio school system shuttered its welding program approximately 15 years ago. A few years ago, the program was reinstated as an elective course and has now been made a full career tech program. Student enrollment is anticipated to double over the next year. MORE 

Fluor Opens Craft Training Center

To grow the talent and skill sets they need, many employers are partnering with local technical colleges or even investing in their own training facilities. Fluor is one of those companies. The company’s new training center on the Gulf Coast in Pasadena, Texas will provide tuition-free, pre-employment training with entry courses in a number of fields and advanced course work in welding. MORE

U/LINC™ Welding Curriculum Informational Webinars

Lincoln Electric’s U/LINC Curriculum offering continues to grow in scope, both in terms of content that educators can use as well as the capabilities of the LMS (Learning Management System) software for student and program management. To help you understand how the program can help you put aside the enormous time commitment local curriculum development requires, take a moment to register for one of our brief, free webinars to learn more. You can also request a 30 day free trial to try U/LINC curriculum in real time. MORE 

WeldPro® Virtual Robotic Training         

Many educators are familiar with our VRTEX Virtual Reality Welding Trainers, but did you know that Lincoln Electric also offers WeldPro Virtual Robotic Training solutions as well? Using a common laptop, you can simulate a robotic arc welding process in 3-D space, use a Fanuc® Robotics pendant or virtual pendant to program your virtual robot and train multiple students at one time. Create weld paths with proper torch angles and process parameters. Generate accurate cycle times and perform reach and tool interference analysis. Then, your student can transfer programs from the virtual work cell to an actual robotic cell for welding.  Contact us or come in for training to learn more. MORE 

Moore Tech Invests in New Welding School

The William R. Moore College of Technology recently invested more than $1.8M in a new School of Welding opening now, according to the Memphis Business Journal. In the last three years, enrollment has tripled and graduate placement is running at 100 percent. The new facility will include 20 bays for a variety of welding processes and will also be used to  instruct students on advanced robotic welding. The school is responding to strong demand for welders in the Memphis area. MORE 

TACT Sweeps Regional Welding Competition

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Crossville had students placing first, second and third in the American Welding Society 2016 Welding Competition held recently in Chattanooga, TN, according to the Crossville Chronicle. TCAT offers a one-year program and students may be able to attend tuition-free thanks to Tennessee Promise and Tennessee Reconnect scholarship programs.


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