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April 2016

Imitations Don't Compare! POWER MIG 210 MP just $999!

Power MIG 210 MP

Lincoln Electric's offer on the POWER® MIG 210 MP is still going on! The POWER MIG 210 MP power supply is a multi-process welder for the hobbyist, educator or small contractor who wants to do MIG welding and a lot more including; stick, TIG and flux-cored welding. Get a POWER MIG 210 MP for its original price of $999 after end user rebate. OR chose the Aluminum One-Pak for $1199, or the TIG One-Pak for $1499 ($200 end user rebate).  Offer is subject to change or termination without prior notice. MORE


Spring 2016 ARC Magazine-Now Available

ARC Offerman

The spring issue of ARC Magazine is now available. This issue features comedic actor and woodworker, Nick Offerman, who talks about the importance skilled trade education. Plus Welding Tips and Tricks, videos, ask the experts and more. Subscribe for free here. MORE

Weld Projects: How to Build a Beverage Stand

2016 Training Seminars

 Just in time for barbecue season, these beverage stands were assembled using a Weld-Pak 180HD. Decorative and efficient, beverage stands are a great addition to any porch or patio. Learn how to make your own! MORE

Ditch Box Madness!

Lincoln Electric is offering a limited time $1000 End User Cash Rebate on each of the new Cross Country® 300 and SAE-300® MP One-Pak® packages containing WIRED remote controls as well as the new WIRELESS Remote Control-equipped welder models. This deal is only available until May, 16 2016.
Get Yours Today!. MORE

Pipe Seam Welding. Beyond the Surface

Lincolnweld Emergence

Kubota Engine Drives

Lincolnweld® Emergence is a non-copper coated submerged arc wire with a proprietary surface treatment to protect material and perform the same as copper coated wires in the same alloy class. Emergence wire doubles the life of contact tips, which means consistent arc starts, wire placement and weld deposit. Emergence is also part of a comprehensive product line to support every pipe seam application. MORE

New! Wireless Foot Pedal

BOGO Banner

Lincoln Electric's  new Wireless Pedal delivers an enhanced level of freedom and mobility for TIG welding applications.

The wireless pedal is designed to provide:

  • Enhanced workplace safety
  • LED display for foot pedal battery life, welding output state and signal integrity
  • Extension legs that adapt to any angle or surface
  • The new Dual-Power Mode™ optimizes communication performance when needed . MORE

Flextec 350X and LN-25 with Crosslinc Technology

The Flextec® 350X Standard and Construction models and the portable LN-25X wire feeder are equipped with a groundbreaking new communications technology that is suited for the construction, barge and shipbuilding industries. CrossLinc™ Technology, noted by an 'X' in each product name, enables full voltage control at the wire feeder WITHOUT an additional control cable. MORE

Roll Cage Gloves Now Available in Weld Gear Ready-Paks


Lincoln Electric’s traditional and premium weld gear Ready-Paks now include Roll Cage Welding and  Rigging Gloves. Rugged, dual-purpose Roll Cage Welding and Rigging Gloves are ideal not only for welding and rigging, but also for cutting and grinding. Designed to withstand tough environments, the gloves are constructed with durable fire-resistant cowhide and sewn with Kevlar® thread, then enhanced with segmented, high-temperature-resistant silicon pads for knuckle protection. MORE


Cutting Systems