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August 2016

Garage Pak for $1999 until August 29

We are excited to announce a very special deal on two of our most popular welders.  Running through August 29, 2016, you can purchase a POWER MIG® 210 MP plus a Square Wave® TIG 200 as a Garage Pak™ for just $1999 USD (after $599 rebate). If you are looking for two incredible machines at an unbelievably low price,  bundle and save with Garage Pak before it's too late! MORE.

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We are looking to go beyond the basics of “get comfortable” and “keep practicing” and give our readers fresh, practical advice that will help them be better welders and metal fabricators. Whether it’s something you learned on the job, in school or just figured out yourself. If you have a tip, a technique, a tool or a trade secret that you’d be willing to share, we want to give you the platform to share it!

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Lincoln Electric Engine Drive Lasts Through the Decades


Ben Knepper knows that "new" does not always mean "better". Knepper decided to purchase a used 1947 Lincoln Electric SA-200 engine-driven welder, after he was first introduced to the model by his grandfather. As a pipe welding student in the Lincoln Electric welding school, Knepper decided to bring his machine into class to see how it would hold up against some of the newer engine-driven models. The SA-200 has a consistently smooth performance, even after decades of use . "I have had to make a couple of adjustments, but for the most part it has been welding beautiful. I have been using it in class for the last couple of days, and the instructors have been liking it, too" said Knepper. 

How I did It-Coffee Table

Why pay for a new coffee table when you have the opportunity to fabricate one yourself! This custom coffee table for assembled using a Pro MIG® 140 mig welder, and pieces of tubular steel for the frame. Learn more about the project here.  MORE.

Practical Training for Aluminum Alloys Seminar

Learn about the latest welding technology and techniques for aluminum at Lincoln Electric's Practical Training for Aluminum Alloys Seminar, Nov. 15-18, 2016. This seminar is designed for experienced welders and technicians, adn covers topics such as welding process modes and proper set-up. Space is limited to 20 attendees. Click here for further details on seminar topics, price and accomodations. MORE

Construction News Tracker Reports States Approve Billions for Infrastructure Projects

In Michigan, 400 road and bridge projects totaling some $6.8 billion are scheduled for the next five years. The Indiana DOT has $850 million to spend on 770 road and bridge projects in 2016 and plans to spend $1 billion in the next four years on infrastructure. Ohio has 1,100 projects on the books for this year costing some $2.1 billion. Tennessee is pushing for the first hike in gas taxes in 27 years to pay for an estimated $6 billion project backlog. Currently, the state has slotted $2 billion over the next three years. Georgia approved a 10-year $10 billion plan. MORE

Innovation in Additive Manufacturing Defines the Future

Jim Anderton of ENGINEERING.com spoke with Dr. Slate Gardner, Lockheed Martin Fellow, about the latest technology in additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques. Dr. Gardner has been working with Wolf Robotics on some interesting innovations that might define the future of manufacturing. MORE

Ohio Technical College Blends Training for Enhanced Results

Ohio Technical College recently invested in Lincoln Electric’s VRTEX® 360 virtual reality welding simulation trainers, allowing students to practice the techniques of stick and wire welding in a realistic virtual environment. Learn firsthand from instructors and students how they use the VRTEX systems and what effect they have on education at Ohio Technical College.  MORE