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February 2016

An Extraordinary Deal on the Ranger 250 GXT

Ranger 250 GXT

Just as spring storms and the construction buying season approach, Lincoln Electric is now offering the Ranger® 250 GXT welder/generator at the unbelievably low price of $3,199 (after $1,331 end user rebate). OR, if you would rather have a portable wire feeder and accessories over a cash end user rebate, there's also the option of a product package valued at over $3,700, including an LN-25 PRO wire feeder, a flux-cored gun, 25-lb. spool of Innershield® flux-cored wire and appropriate wire feeder accessories. This amazing offer is only good through February 29, 2016 so act now! MORE

ARC Magazine to Feature Actor Nick Offerman

ARC Offerman

The spring issue of ARC Magazine will feature a cover story and interview with actor Nick Offerman. Offerman advocates for changing the way people think of the trades - including welding - or risk becoming a country that doesn’t know how to make and fix things anymore. MORE

2016 Training Seminars

2016 Training Seminars

Through its renowned Welding School and Technical Training department, Lincoln Electric will offer a diverse selection of educational programming at its Cleveland headquarters throughout 2016. Welders and welding educators can take advantage of multi-day seminars to learn everything from welding basics or specific alloy considerations to advanced technologies and new teaching tools for welding educators. MORE

Flextec 350X and LN-25X with CrossLinc Technology

Flextec 350X

The Flextec® 350X Standard and Construction models and the portable LN-25X wire feeder are equipped with a groundbreaking new communications technology that is suited for the construction, barge and shipbuilding industries. CrossLinc™ Technology, noted by an 'X' in each product name, enables full voltage control at the wire feeder WITHOUT an additional control cable. Instead, voltage control commands are transferred between feeder and power source, even when hundreds of feet apart, using a standard copper WELD cable. MORE 

Welding Project: Building The Perfect Snowblower

Welding Project: Snowblower

This "How I Did It" project is a field and brush mower that was converted into a snowblower. Now the user has a two-season machine that works great year-round, proving that if you want something bad enough, and have the right tools, materials and some time, you can do just about anything. MORE

A Better Start, A Better Weld

AutoDrive SA

When it comes to welding aluminum parts robotically, arc starts and consistent wire feeding are crucial. AutoDrive® SA is a high-performance aluminum servo torch solution engineered to address the common problems with robotic aluminum welding – all to make the welding process easier and hassle-free. The system integrates with a robot and communicates directly with a Lincoln Electric Power Wave® resulting in a best-in-class Aluminum solution. MORE

Techalloy 625

Techalloy 625

With the improvement on Techalloy® 625, Lincoln Electric enhances its offering in the nickel alloy market. While any manufacturer can claim to meet product requirements, these new Techalloy products are especially designed to improve the operator experience and exceed performance expectations. MORE

U/LINC Webinars


Have you started preparing your curriculum for the 2016-17 school year? Lincoln Electric's comprehensive U/LINC materials can help you take the headache out of curriculum prep. Our upcoming webinars will cover how U/LINC works, the scope of materials, including a review of sample documents, show you how to access our 30 day free trial and answer any of your questions. MORE


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