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June 2016

The Professional's Choice! POWER MIG 350MP for $3699!

From now until July 25, The  POWER MIG® 350MP welder is just $3699 (after $526 end user rebate). The POWER MIG 350MP supports multiple welding processes, including DC Stick, DC TIG, Flux-Cored, MIG, and Pulsed MIG, all in one easy-to-operate machine. Get The Professional's Choice (SM). Get the POWER MIG 350 MP. MORE.

Coming Soon! ARC Magazine Summer 2016 Issue

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The latest issue of ARC Magazine is coming out soon! This issue features welder and star of Discovery Channel's Vegas Rat Rods, Steve Darnell, who weighs in on the value of hard work. Plus, Master Class, Project Spotlight and much more. As always, you can subscribe here, and check out a sneak preview of the latest issue.MORE.

Qual-Fab Inc. Relies on Lincoln Electric


Qual-Fab Inc.,a fabricator of custom welded structures in Avon, Ohio chose to purchase Power Wave® and Flextec® welders along with Power Feed® and Flex Feed® wire feeders in order to move product through the plant faster and with higher quality.Check out this video to learn more. MORE

How I did It-Porch Handrails

Summer is officially here, which is the perfect time for some outdoor improvements to your home. These porch handrails were made using a Lincoln® SP-175T wire feeder welder, along with MIG and flux-core wires. Check out this article to learn how to make handrails for your own porch or patio MORE.

ACS Industries Gains with Robotic Welding

ACS Industries is in the business of providing attachments for large-scale earth moving and construction equipment. The company recently decided to dive into new markets by using  a robotic system designed in collaboration with Lincoln Electric. Learn about how integrating a gantry robot to their current processes has quickly generated results for ACS. MORE

New! RP6 Rust Preventative Fluid

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RP6 Weldable Rust Preventative Fluid keeps your ferrous metals clean and corrosion-free with indoor protection for up to six months. RP6 provides the best of both worlds by protecting ferrous metals against rust and corrosion, while not adversely affecting the welding process. RP6 meets CAT 1E4969 standards for corrosion protection, weld quality and fume safety.  MORE

U/LINC Welding Curriculum – A Turnkey Classroom Experience

You just hired a new instructor for your welding school with years of skilled trade experience. You know they’ll be a good mentor for your students. But what does he or she know about technical instruction? Has he ever developed curriculum for a year-long program educational program? What will he teach on Day 1? Consider U/LINC™ Curriculum from Lincoln Electric. Check out this video to learn more. MORE

Brownsville Marine Products Boost Productivity

Workers at Brownsville Marine Products spend their days building 100+ foot barges, and spend a great deal of time working in confined spaces. In order to be successful, they needed advanced machines with fewer cables.When the company heard that Lincoln Electric was expanding its simple, reliable and flexible Flextec® family of multi-process inverters, the welding crew decided they were ready to try something new. Learn about how this decision effected their business.  MORE