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April 2016

Final Rule Updates Eye and Face Protection Standards

OSHA recently published a final rule updating the requirements for eye and face personal protective equipment for industry workers, in order to ensure that the requirements reflect current standards. explains the rule in further detail, and illustrates the risk of using outdated personal protection equipment . MORE

Welding Safety Video Series and Resources

Foose Impostor

Arc welding is a safe occupation when sufficient measures are taken to protect the welder from potential hazards. When these measures are overlooked, welders can encounter such dangers as electric shock, overexposure to fumes and gases, arc radiation, and fire and explosion. Check out these helpful videos on proper safety precautions to keep your workforce safe. MORE

Staying Safe in Construction

A main issue in construction safety is that young workers are at times hesitant to report situations that they think might be dangerous, because they are afraid of causing downtime for teams that need to operate at a fast pace. Many construction companies are doing their best to communicate the importance of staying safe, and thanking those who point out problems rather than reprimanding them.

Safety and Health Magazine gives some tips on how to educate employees on acting in these emergency situations. MORE


New Climate Change Report Discusses Impact on Health and Safety of Workers

Climate change can affect human health by creating unknown and unprecedented health issues in the future, as well as increasing the severity of known health issues. discusses a recent report released by the U.S. Global Change Research Program Climate and Health Assessment, that provides a comprehensive overview of the potential health effects of climate change across the United States. MORE

Traditional and Premium Ready-Paks now featuring Roll Cage Gloves

Lincoln Electric’s traditional and premium weld gear Ready-Paks now include Roll Cage Welding and  Rigging Gloves.

Rugged, dual-purpose Roll Cage Welding and Rigging Gloves are ideal not only for welding and rigging, but also for cutting and grinding. Designed to withstand tough environments, the gloves are constructed with durable fire-resistant cowhide and sewn with Kevlar® thread, then enhanced with segmented, high-temperature-resistant silicon pads for knuckle protection. MORE

Number of Fatal Injuries for Mobile Elevating Work Platforms Remains Constant

The fatal injury rate for mobile elevating work platforms), has remained constant, even though the total the number of platform rentals have increased greatly over the past year. discusses how this fatality rates was calculated, and how it has managed to stay down. MORE

4C Lens Technology