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February 2016

Exciting New Offer on a Lincoln Electric Welder/Generator!

Ranger 250 GXT Promo

Just as spring storms and the construction buying season approach, Lincoln Electric is now offering the Ranger® 250 GXT welder/generator at the unbelievably low price of $3,199 (after $1,331 rebate). OR, if you would rather have a portable wire feeder and accessories over a cash rebate, there's also the option of a product package valued at over $3,700, including an LN-25 PRO wire feeder, a flux-cored gun, 25-lb. spool of Innershield® flux-cored wire and appropriate wire feeder accessories. This portable wire welding solution is perfect for all of your outdoor projects. MORE

VIKING 3350 Foose Impostor Welding Helmet

Foose Impostor

The new VIKING™ 3350 Foose Impostor™ Welding Helmet features the new, one-of-a-kind 4C Lens Technology that delivers maximum clarity, real color view and even shade from every angle. The Impostor's two-tone metal flake graphic was inspired by renowned automotive designer Chip Foose's Ridler Award-winning car design, which blended together a 1965 Chevrolet Impala and 2009 Corvette. MORE

Fighting Hearing Loss Among People in the Construction Industry

It is not surprising that construction industry professionals have a greater risk of hearing loss than most people, considering equipment such as jackhammers can exceed 120 decibels - equivalent to a heavy-metal concert. Exposure to sounds that loud, over many months and years, can contribute to noise-induced hearing loss. This blog from OH&S Magazine offers tips to help prevent hearing loss. MORE 

New Global Standards for Protective Gloves Are Coming

As reported by Safety+Health Magazine, increased awareness and targeted interventions may help protect workers from experiencing hearing loss and/or tinnitus, according to a recent study from NIOSH. Researchers analyzed national data on hearing conditions among workers who were exposed to elevated levels of occupational noise, as well as workers who were not exposed to such noise. MORE 

Material Handling: The Secret to Reducing Workplace Injuries and Expenses

Work-related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSD) claims related to overexertion and repetitive motion injuries serious enough to result in time off work or disability benefits accounted for 21 percent of total state-funded claims from 2009-2013, according to the SHARP research group. That's a little more than one in every five claims during a five-year period, which should be more than enough to catch your attention, says EHS Today. MORE 

Do Safety Incentives Work?

According to The FABRICATOR, incentives can be a good tool to draw awareness to a particular effort in a safety program, but they need to be implemented only after careful thought. Sometimes negative results can emerge from incentives created with the best intentions. MORE 

4C Lens Technology