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July 2016

Preventive Measures for Heat Stress – Outdoors and Indoors

Although heat stress is typically associated with outdoor work settings during the summer months, heat is a year-round hazard in indoor workplaces, which is something a lot of employers do not consider. Workers in these environments are often near sources of radiant heat (ie, foundries, factories, kitchens etc.) , or inside buildings with limited cooling capabilities. Safety and Health Magazine highlights the best ways to prevent heat stress in the workplace, including proper hydration, sufficient recovery time and more. MORE

Reducing Electrical Hazards

OSHA's fact sheets about electrical safety for workers are intended to help workers recognize common workplace hazards and take precautions in order to work safely. Shock and electrocution hazards are associated with the use of portable generators, which can also cause a carbon monoxide hazard if the generator is being operated inside without ventilation. This article for Occupational Health and Safety provides easy to follow tips on electrical hazard prevention. MORE

A World of New Choices

According to OH&S, traumatic brain injuries account for 22 percent of all work-related injury fatalities. Luckily PPE technology has advanced and become more specialized in terms of the activity it is used for. In this article, the different options for head protection are highlighted and suggested based on type of work and risk levels. MORE

 Check out the Lincoln Electric Welding Safety Web Page

Any and all weld safety information you need is available on the Lincoln Electric Welding Safety web page. Here you will find safety data sheets, instructional videos, literature on fume control and much more. Click here to check it out for your self.  MORE

OSHA Offers Construction Site Safety Checklist

These featured checklists from OSHA are designed to help you  avoid hazards related to heat, vision, hearing and more. Although the bullet points highlighted are not mandatory for workers to follow, several are based on mandatory regulations and should not be taken lightly. Check out what this checklist entails here. MORE

See the Puddle Clearer Than Ever Before! 4C Technology at SEMA 2016

4C™ lens technology improves visibility and reduces eye strain by minimizing the traditional lime green coloring in the helmet view screen. Wondering if you should upgrade to a helmet with 4C? If you are planning on attending SEMA 2016, feel free to stop by Lincoln Electric’s booth, #2643 and try one out for yourself. We hope to see you there! MORE

4C Lens Technology