Mag Square 150 600

Mag Square 150


Mag Square 150


Productivity in time saving with faster set ups, convenience of no hassle use, and safety advantages of using your hands less and less to handle and position steel cannot be ignored. From the point you receive steel in, to how you move it through your plant, to how you fabricate it, there is a MAGSWITCH tool that will improve safety and productivity. MAGSWITCH is simply a more productive way to do the job. As you look at the products, consider these core common features of each tool:

  • Complete on/off control.
  • Precise placement/no fighting magnets.
  • Super strong - does the big work.
  • Holds strong on thin steel.

MAGSWITCH is indeed technology that “changes the way things are done"


  • Positioning with incredible strong
  • Dimension (mm) : H: 65 W:40 D: 40
  • Weight (kg) : 0,3
  • Hold on thick steel (kg): 67

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