Video Invertec 275S

Stick Welding Evolution

The new INVERTEC® 275S / Citoarc 275 / Presto 275 is a next generation STICK inverter that offers excellent welding processes coupled with high performance, as well as increased productivity and is the next step in professional welding.


Functionalities & Ergonomics

• Premium arc performance: stable, great dynamics, perfect start, limited spatters;
• Robust and reliable design: Lincoln standard, True Heavy Duty, 3 year warranty;
• Innovative UI, intuitive and simple to use: on-screen support and reduced training time;
• Customer Support: for parts 'wear & tear' requirements and immediate operator support;
• More functions & features: auto-setting for instant 'ready to work' status;
• Improved ergonomics and operator safety for safer, more comfortable operation;
• USB connectivity.


Innovative & Intuitive Interface

• Two buttons, one control knob for easy navigation;
• Icon language for key commands;
• Easy process and settings selection;
• Locking function / Limits / Memories / Jobs;
• Interface available in many languages.

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