Power Feed 84D - Dual One-pak

Power Feed® 84 CE Dual


The Power Feed® 84 wire feeder is revolutionary in its ease of use and flexibility. Designed to maximize the capabilities of the Power Wave® S range, the combination of high-tech power source and wire feeder, outperform traditional arc welding methods


Output Output


Input Input


The Power Feed 84 dual digital control semiautomatic wire feeder is modular and built for a variety of welding applications.


  • World-class arc performance on steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other materials
  • Waveform Control Technology® – featuring patented processes such as Pulse-On-Pulse® (for a TIG-like bead appearance) and Power Mode® (for a stable arc at low current levels
  • Utilises ArcLink® – the leading digital communication protocol for welding, making it the best choice for seamless, time critical integration with the power source.
  • Pulsed MIG process – great for low spatter, low heat input and out-ofposition applications – makes virtually any operator a better welder!
  • Easy-to-understand user interface panel with large numeric displays makes it easy to set weld parameters.
  • Push-pull capability for great performance on aluminium.

What's Included

  • Control cable asembly
  • Drive roll 1.2mm V-Groove
  • Drive roll 1.6mm V-Groove

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