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Advanced MIG/MAG welding machine with color screen. Output current: 420A @60%.

This product could be discontinued. Please contact Customer Service.


The CITOWAVE III embodies a new generation of welding machines more and more modern, entirely adaptable to your needs. With its smart design, its color screen and its innovative communication interfaces, it concretizes the most recent technologic breakthroughs and positions itself at the cutting edge of the welding techniques. Integrating sophisticated functionalities of tuning and control, the CITOWAVE III is much more than a simple machine, it is the welding solution. CITOWAVE III is equipped with a large colour screen that allows setting in a very simple way and extremely precise the welding cycle: 2T/4T, Pregas, Hot/Soft Start, downslope, crater filler, burn back, post retract spray to ease the striking. Everything is under control, and if you have any doubt, the embedded help is there to assist you !


  • Outstanding welding performances.
  • Large colour screen for easy and precise setting.
  • Traceability of the welding parameters.
  • Customization of the synergic curves.
  • PCM Waverform


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