Activ8X Pipe Wire Feeder
Activ8X Pipe Wire Feeder
Activ8X Pipe Wire Feeder
Activ8X Pipe Wire Feeder
Activ8X Pipe Wire Feeder
Activ8X Pipe Wire Feeder

Activ8X® Pipe CE (Twist Mate / Dinse®)


The ideal solution for field welding STT root passes on pipe.


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Perfectly tuned for pipe welding applications The Activ8X Pipe CE compliant Wire Feeder is the ideal field solution for GMAW and FCAW welding applications out on the pipeline. With weld processes specifically optimized for cross country pipe welding, the Activ8X Pipe allows you to take Lincoln Electric’s industry-leading root-to-cap weld processes – including STT® and Pulsed MIG – right out to the field. In addition, the rugged and compact design provides durability to withstand the harshest conditions, from mud and rain, to extreme heat or cold, delivering the reliability you need to perform in the toughest welding applications.


  • Perfectly tuned for PIPE welding – including STT® and Pulsed MIG
  • Impact resistant, flame retardant case provides rugged durability for tough conditions
  • Maxtrac® Wire Drive System – heavy-duty cast aluminium wire drive system provides reliable feeding and durability
  • Tachometer feedback ensures accurate wire feed speed
  • The lightest construction feeder on the market today.
  • Accepts up to 203 mm diameter wire spools
  • CrossLinc Technology allows remote output control over the welding leads. No control cable needed!
  • True Voltage Technology™ (TVT™) automatically compensates for voltage drops across long welding cables
  • Recommended compatible power source; Flextec 350XP (CE) (Twist Mate / Dinse)
  • Twist Mate / Dinse connections

Service Information

What's Included

  • Rolls for 0.9mm/1.2mm solid wire
  • Feed Plate Gun Adapter K1500-2
  • Twist-Mate (Dinse) plug