LN-25 Pro Wire Feeder

LN-25® PRO® Wire Feeder

LN-25® PRO® Wire Feeder


LN-25 PRO series wire feeders are designed to be simple, reliable and easy to service. Whether you are an ironworker, pipeline welder, or weld at a construction site, shipbuilding facility or metal fabrication shop, we have the right semiautomatic wire feeder for you.


  • Two-step/trigger interlock provides comfort for long welds; sturdier and rugged spindle design with an incorporated brake.
  • Industry-proven Maxtrac® Wire Drive System provides reliable feeding and easy changeovers.
  • Serviceability – the case can be replaced in under five minutes – eliminates downtime
  • Reliability – lightweight, impact and flame resistant polycarbonate case design keeps the internal components protected. Potted and trayed PC board protects against moisture and corrosion. Reel locking mechanism eliminates spindle cross threading
  • Fully encapsulated and environmentally protected electronics

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