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Simple defect tolerance



Valve and cylinder industry

Business challenge
Hydraulic cylinders and valves require sound welds without micro porosites and lack of fusion for full sealing

Supramig solid wire with the RapidArc process on a Power Wave 455M

Excellent penetration profile reducing risk of piston gouging

The Supramig solid wire has a unique surface coating that allows a very stable metal transfer. Together with the stable and controlled drop transfer of RapidArc, the result is a spatter-less transfer of the droplet into the weld pool.

  • Low-heat input
  • Ability to extend spray arc welding parameters for out of position welding
  • Process is fully controlled and spatter-free reducing post cleaning and grinding


  • Unique chemistry and coating of the solid wire
  • RapidArc allows greater efficiency of the metal transfer

 Consumables  Supramig 1.2mm
 Equipment  Power Wave 455M
 Amperage  300A
 Voltage  26.6V

Concave bead shape and penetration

Flat weld bead with perfect penetration
No post cleaning and grinding

Hydraulic cylinders are built for rugged environments where there is a need to pull, press or lift. Critical to their quality is the ability to outstand the work operation within the pressure ranges without jams and leakages.
Circular welds with the least amount possible of distortion are required in in order to avoid post work machining.
Sound joints with the required penetration at lower heat inputs are needed in order to avoid rejections in hundreds of work pieces.

  • The chemistry and the arc stability of Suprmaig make it outstanding for lower heat inputs
  • Supramig with RapidArc allows using a larger diameter consumable with an overall lower heat input. This lowers the risk of distortion in the thin cylinder walls.


  • Automated and robotic installations with great variability of tube thicknesses and trajectories
  • Automated welding of steel carbon componenets 1-4mm thick